Introducing Chad Witwer

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Chad Witwer Cabinetmaker’s Choice sales and technical resource agent.

The customers who already have had the pleasure of working with Chad, know how well he works with you, our customers.

Chad was employed by Conestoga Wood Specialties for over 10 years in their special designs department. He started in the shop in 1995 making doors. In 1997 he moved into Customer Service and in 2004 began working in Special Designs until 2007 when he came to Cabinetmaker’s Choice. Over that time he learned many technical and Customer Service skills. Chad has intimate knowledge of all aspects of the manufacturing process and the inner workings of Conestoga as a company.

He designed and quoted the non-standard items that Conestoga has the unique capacity to produce for the woodworking industry throughout the United States.

His in depth knowledge is invaluable in providing the woodworking professionals distinctive products which will differentiate you from the standard products offered in the woodworking industry. Please contact us to take advantage of Chad’s knowledge and experience.

Many companies on the internet claim to have the “lowest” prices, or that are “authorized sales agents” of Conestoga Wood Specialties when in fact they are not.

This year will mark my 25th anniversary selling Conestoga’s products. Our purchasing volume will always provide you, our valued customers, the most competitive pricing, product knowledge, and the certainty that we are truly authorized sales agents for Conestoga Wood Specialties Products. Chad and I have over the years built the unique relationships within Conestoga that are necessary to get you what you deserve; quality products at the best price. Call us; we are here for you, ready to help you. Your success is our success and that is our commitment.

We at Cabinetmaker’s Choice thank you for your business; working together we will survive these difficult times.


Neil Ratner


Chad can be contacted at (717) 823-6204 or by e-mail at