Prism Paints Program

A spectrum of color can be yours with the Prism Paint program from Conestoga Wood Specialties. With more than 1,000 colors to choose from, Prism Paints provide the colors you need to make your next kitchen project truly unique. Whether your finish is traditional or something out of the ordinary, let Conestoga finish your next painted kitchen?

In 2015 we’ve experienced an increase in the demand for painted finishes. At one time, painted kitchens were a relatively straight forward program – just choose the finish color and you were done. Now, designers and consumers have developed more sophisticated tastes and their expectations have grown.

We now have more than 70 shades of white and off white, having incorporated several other Sherwin-Williams® whites as well as matching many popular Benjamin Moore® whites. This brings the total number of standard base colors to around 1,200. A glaze option was introduced on over 1,000 of these base colors, with your choice of Caramel, Chai, Coffee, Oyster and Pewter glazes. We’ve also expanded the substrate material options to now include Hard Maple and Paint Grade Hard Maple in both solid wood and hybrid designs, one and five piece MDF, Red Oak and just announced, Cherry. Cherry is not the only new program feature for 2015, as the Brushed Glaze and Heirloom finish treatment options have been added as well. A quick overview of the Prism Paints program shows that it now includes the following highlights:

  • 1,200 paint colors with 70+ shades of white
  • 5 substrate options – 3 wood species, hybrid and MDF
  • 5 glaze color options on over 1,000 base colors
  • The Brushed Glaze treatment option
  • The Heirloom treatment option

Mobile Devices Website

We’ve made improvements to our website to better support mobile devices. Our mobile devices menu is easy to navigate and the text is easy to read. Our website is usable and readable on all portable devices such as tablets and cell phones. Our mobile website supports Apple, Android and windows devices. You can now access our website and view our offerings from your mobile device regardless of where you are at.

Winter 2015 Catalogs

The new Winter 2015 Conestoga catalogs have been uploaded to our website.
The “Custom Products” catalog lists each of the many styles of doors and drawer fronts, mouldings, accent pieces and specialty products including plywoods and veneers. For each item, you will see size limitations (if any) and available options.
In addition, the catalog describes the solid wood finishing options, RTF products, and radius products that are available.
The “Cabinet Systems” catalog lists each of the base, wall, vanity and other semi-custom cabinets offered by Conestoga. For each cabinet, you will see the size availability and options along with a graphic representation of the cabinet.
The catalog also lists a small subset of the available doors and drawer fronts as well as options and accessories including pull-out trays and fillers.