New Products – Fall 2016

The latest news and offerings from Cabinetmaker’s Choice, premier provider of all Conestoga Wood Cabinets and product lines. We invite you to look at the details behind the quality and latest components and accessories.

New Colourtones

An evaluation of our Colourtone program has led us to discontinue five current Colourtones and replace them with colors that are more in line with today’s design trends. The five discontinued colors include Classic Burgundy, Creamy Butter, Sage, Sandstone, and Slate Blue. These colors will be offered at Colourtone pricing until the end of December 2016; at that point they will convert to Prism Paints and be priced accordingly.

New Colourtone colors include:

  • Arctic White – this brilliant white is the truest white in the Colourtone collection. Its dazzling intensity is reminiscent of sunlight on freshly fallen snow.
  • Canyon – this rich red-brick color evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. The color is subtle, yet is also an attention getter.
  • Heron – a pale, soft grey color. It radiates calm and complements creamy whites, darker shades of grey or natural wood finishes.
  • Marina – this gentle, light blue pastel does not overpower, but can definitely stand on its own. Its hue is reminiscent of the clear waters found in oceans and lagoons around the world.
  • Regent Blue – dark blues are the new black, and this rich navy blue color exudes confidence. The deep, cool blue creates a sensation of space.

All five new Colourtones are eligible to receive multiple glazes and are also available with Brushed Glazes, Heirloom and Unitone finish options.

Pinstripe Glaze

Pin Stripe

Pinstripe glazes enhance the contours of doors and accessories, while leaving the base color intact. As opposed to hand wiped glazing that alters the color of the entire surface, pinstriping creates greater color contrast and is applied only to specific areas of the profile. The Pinstripe glaze option is available only on Colourtones and Prism Paints in Caramel, Coffee, Pewter or Onyx glazes. White, Chai and Oyster glazes are not available with the Pinstripe glaze option.


Two New Shades of Gray

Amesbury Ashen Truetone

Grey can fit a multitude of design schemes and is especially hot in modern and transitional kitchens. Demand for Conestoga’s three current grey stains, Ashen, Driftwood and Shale, have been steadily growing, so we’ve broadened our grey stain palette to include two new grey wiping stains.

Nickel is a soft, smoky shade of grey that is warm and illuminating. When Nickel is paired with bolder and vibrant colors it creates a stabilizing effect.

Nitefall falls between a carbon black and charcoal grey. It is a dignified, deep and sophisticated color that will pair well with white painted kitchens.\

Pet Friendly Drawer

Pet Bowl Insert

Pets are an integral part of millions of American households. Our four legged friends are welcome throughout our homes, including our kitchens. With so much family time being spent in the kitchen, it only makes sense to integrate pet accessories into your kitchen cabinetry.

Drawer organization is a “must have” in any kitchen, so Conestoga is expanding our drawer storage and organization options to include a Pet Bowl Insert option. Constructed from 3/4″ Natural Birch plywood with a durable UV coating, the Pet Bowl Insert is designed to accommodate 5″, 6-1/2″ and 7-3/8″ diameter bowls, commonly found in many pet stores. Inserts are sized to fit the interior of drawer boxes from 15″ to 36″ wide and 18″ to 24″ deep with bowls being positioned in the front of the drawer. A divider is included and can be affixed to separate the feeding portion of the drawer from other storage.

Glass Shelf Option

Today, LED lighting is widely incorporated throughout the kitchen including the interior of cabinetry. To provide quick and easy access to framing machined specifically to hold glass shelving, Conestoga is introducing the Grafton, a blind tenon mitered frame only that accommodates either 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick glass panels. This frame only shelf allows light to flow through glass center panels, illuminating the entire cabinet interior and accentuating fine dinnerware, glassware or collectibles. The Grafton is available in depths up to 24″ and lengths up to 36″, and can be ordered with a recess to accept either 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick glass (not included).