New Products – Fall 2018

We are excited to bring you several new lines and products from Conestoga Wood Specialties providing you with more flexibility and style for your next project.

Introducing 5-drawer, 2-door RTA Base Cabinet offering

The market has spoken: “we want more drawer storage!” And Conestoga has complied…beautifully…with their new 5-drawer, 2-door RTA Base Cabinet offering.

The new B2D5D program is as versatile as they come – fully customizable cabinets in widths from 48” to 96”, with door and drawer openings configured equally. These cabinets are also customizable in depths from 12” to 30”, in 3” increments, and in heights from 31-1/2” to 34-1/2”, in 1/16” increments. The central drawer section is configured as their standard 3-drawer base cabinet, featuring 5” top, 8” center, and 11-1/2” bottom openings. Designed with a full dust top as a standard feature, the B2D5D also includes fixed vertical drawer partitions with independently adjustable shelves.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development: “We’ve been seeing a pretty consistent demand trend toward more drawer storage for a while now. And we’re very excited about our B2D5D solution! We’ve made it available in both our Advantage and Essence product lines, with all cabinet options and specie selections, as well as overlay and inset options.

“Designers are finding great versatility in our new 5-drawer RTA Base Cabinet, with applications ranging from island bases, to galley style kitchens, to butler’s pantry designs, and more. It’s just a great looking, well-designed, practical solution for those looking for more and better horizontal storage options.”


Conestoga Wood Specialties Continues to Push the Envelope by Offering Two Striking New Door Styles to Enhance Design Flexibility

Any kitchen designer or manufacturer who knows Conestoga Wood knows they can always count on new and inspired door designs being just around the corner. And, not to disappoint, here are two new styles that carry on the Conestoga tradition of always “keeping it fresh!”

The Geneva breaks through as Conestoga’s newest addition to their collection of transitional style mortise & tenon designs. With 2-5/16” square bead stiles and 3” rails Geneva gives designers the flexibility to choose from any of six distinctive framing beads on the top and bottom rails. Plus, designers can push their sensibilities by drawing on a wide variety of wood species, edge profiles, and panel raises.

Welcome the new Glasgow design, a striking style that features classic roots but in a fashion that lets it easily find a home within today’s popular tendencies toward transitional kitchen design. The Glasgow door and drawer front features a unique profile combination with square bead stiles and a simple yet prominent double stepped framing bead on 3” wide rails.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development: “At Conestoga, “new” is often just that. Fresh, new door styles that really break through. And we love the idea of new! Who wouldn’t? But we also take great pride in our ability to reinterpret existing designs. That’s very rewarding to us, as well. And the Glasgow and Geneva designs are perfect examples of both.”



Modern Kitchen Design Simplicity Has Never Been More Strikingly Simple

Contemporary kitchen design has never been more popular, and Conestoga Wood continues to feed this ever-growing trend. Their latest design addition might well be their simplest yet – the Allure DLV Avalon door and drawer front.

Avalon evokes the epitome of simple, unassuming, modern style with its no nonsense slab design crafted of ¾” ultra-durable Allure DLV material. Avalon is available in contemporary favorites, Bright White and White Dove, over a CARB2/TSCA compliant MDF substrate.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development on Avalon’s modern simplicity: “There’s no question that the trend towards modern kitchen design continues to be on the rise. And with the addition of the Allure DLV Avalon door style, we continue to offer the pure simplicity so many designers desire.

Additionally, Avalon can be used as a price point drawer front in conjunction with our Daytona, Delray, Veracruz, Largo, Sorrento and Santiago door designs.

All of our Allure DLV products, including the new Avalon design, have now been incorporated into our Custom Product Manual within the Alternative Materials section.”


Conestoga Wood Specialties Introduces the Gemini Collection

For those who want ultra-modern with the strikingly rich elegance of a real wood veneer surface, Conestoga’s new Gemini Collection could well be the pair they’re looking for. But which twin to pick?

The Gemini ultra-modern, super sleek door designs are available in 9 different veneer options, including: Plain Sliced and Quartered Cherry, Plain Sliced and Quartered Hard Maple, Rift Cut and Quartered/Flakey White Oak, Plain Sliced and Quartered Walnut, and Ribbon Sapele.The Gemini Collection features two uber popular door designs. There’s Alto, a square edge design…and Corsica, its softer pillowed edge sibling. But regardless of the style desired, both of these doors and matching drawer fronts share a unique and highly appealing trait – they are both edge banded prior to the veneer being pressed onto the face, thereby eliminating any visible edgeband lines on the faces of the doors and drawer fronts.

According to Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development, “We’re extremely pleased with the new Gemini Collection. It’s a wonderful blend of sleek contemporary design and the elegant richness of genuine wood veneer…and we love the choice between edgy and softer.”

Gemini Collection complementary veneered accessories include phenolic back veneers, crown and scribe mouldings, fillers, ¼” and ¾” 4’ x 8’ sheet stock, as well as cut-to-size panels.

(L/R): Corsica in Cherry with Natural finish and Alto in Ribbon Sapele with Natural finish.


Conestoga Defines Warm Country Home Style And Comfort… Again


For so many American families, family living is all about country kitchen comfort. Whether it’s warm and close and cozy, or a more spacious, open style, there’s something special about a rustic look and feel. And these days, country expressions are as popular as ever.

That’s why Conestoga Wood has brought back the Crossbuck door style…a throwback to the rugged days of farmhouse country times…when you could almost smell the gentle scent of rugged, rustic, roughhewn wood. A plywood panel door with its signature solid wood “X” mounted on its face, the Crossbuck oozes the sensation of pure, easy, country comfort.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development: “For some, farmhouse country styling has made a comeback, in a big way. For others, it never left. And the Crossbuck door style is a big hit with both! The real beauty is that the Crossbuck door style works so well in both a Traditional country farmhouse style kitchen and as a rustic accent in a more Transitional home setting. It’s that barn door look that has transcended the barn in a big way!”

The Crossbuck design is available in most Conestoga standard species and finishes – and is perfect for integrating accent pieces such as exposed cabinet end panels, island backs, and those special furniture pieces.

Imagine the farmhouse in your design…to whatever degree works for you. Discover the rustic charm of the Crossbuck door style!

Wakefield and the CRP-10382MT Door Styles 

Conestoga has long been known as design innovators – and listeners – when developing new door and drawer front designs. The development and introduction of the new Wakefield and CRP-10382MT door styles are no exception to that practice.

Wakefield’s creation is a result of Conestoga taking one of this past year’s most requested framing beads and crafting a smooth-flowing, distinctive look perfect for today’s transitional styling.

CRP-10382MT uses a complex “French-cut” mortise & tenon with mitered bead construction that offers designers the look of an applied moulding door, but at a more economical price point.