5 Kitchen Design Styles For Your 2019 Renovation

Is remodeling the kitchen one of your resolutions this New Years’? Whether you’ve got a renovation, an addition, or just a few new changes on your horizon in 2019, these tips from top home designers will help you get your kitchen up to all the newest trends.

1. Back to Basics

According to designer Anne Hepfer, modern kitchens “are being pared down to allow raw materials to shine on their own.” That means making your wood cabinets— or floors, ceilings, or furniture— the center of attention. These natural materials add a warm, rustic touch to the home, and help accentuate features that often go unnoticed.

2. Matte Finish

Matte Rio 225

Just like artificial, futuristic materials, shine and gloss is also increasingly leaving modern kitchens in favor of matte colors on appliances and cabinets. Add a darker color to your finish and your kitchen will be even more on trend— black and hunter green are especially popular choices for modern homes.

3. Natural Touches

Hard Maple Natural

Bring the outside in with green accessories like hanging plants, window herbs, and leafy centerpieces. Along with a healthy dose of natural light, these details will leave you and your kitchen feeling refreshed and ready for spring to come. (And when it does, keep up the theme for spring cleaning by making your own natural cleaning products like the ones in this tutorial!)

4. Open Layouts

If you’re looking toward a large-scale renovation in the new year, consider opening up your kitchen and dining room for a blended layout. Open kitchens can be ideal for entertaining and informal dining, and give you even more room to play with new styles and designs. Accentuate with another 2019 trend, the stylish kitchen island, to give your dining space a trendy and approachable new look.

5. Integrate Technology

Tired of ugly wires and appliances taking up counter space? You can customize your kitchen to all your digital needs by investing in build-ins like Conestoga’s Custom Charging Station. Add in wifi-enabled appliances and remote lighting and sound, and your kitchen can benefit from any technological convenience while remaining beautiful and clutter-free.

Great cabinets should last a long time, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as modern as you like. To start designing your dream kitchen now, check out our Cabinetmaker’s Choice design tips and get in touch with our cabinet experts on the Contact page.