New Products – Spring 2019

We are excited to bring you several new lines and products from Conestoga Wood Specialties providing you with more flexibility and style for your next project.

For Aesthetics and practical convenience, “X” Definitely marks the spot …twice


Well, the “X” is an idea Conestoga Wood has long been attached to…witness their popular rustic farmhouse Crossbuck door design. But this year’s proliferation of X styling has officially inspired Conestoga to amp up their X factor!

The X Side Overlay Panel features 3” framing and cross members and a 6” bottom rail that exemplifies today’s popular farmhouse design. Exterior framing widths are completely customizable.

Conestoga is making it easy for you to give your new kitchen design a real lift


Lift hardware, an approach to opening cabinets upward made popular in European kitchen design, is really catching on as a practically functional and visually engaging idea here in America. At Conestoga, ready to assemble wall and tall refrigerator cabinets are now available with preconfigured Blum AVENTOS HK-XS Lift Hardware included.

AVENTOS HK-XS lift hardware provides “open-upward” door operation that lends a distinctively European charm to kitchen design. These lift doors are easy to install, utilize conventional hinges, and are economically priced.

Ready to assemble, Conestoga provides the appropriate hardware and either one- or two-lift mechanisms based on the size and weight of the doors specified. Plus, doors for these cabinets include concealed hinge boring on the top rails.

Introducing Over Half a Dozen Exciting New Range Hood Designs


Conestoga Wood offered over 30 range hood designs that create the perfect focal point for most any kitchen style – from traditional to transitional to modern. Now, with 7 new hood offerings, their collection has grown to nearly 40 different hood designs…and shows no signs of stopping there!

Conestoga has also added two new tapered Stanisci models, both with a 6” matching specie hardwood apron. The new CHW style leans to transitional styling, while the similarly shaped CHWB has a more modern feel with its horizontal beading.


The new Omega National Farmhouse with Chimney hoods feature a detachable chimney and vertical mouldings for easy removal to accommodate any necessary height adjustments. Both designs integrate beautifully with either contemporary or transitional kitchen styling.

Modern Farmhouse Chic, Conestoga says, “Your shiplap has just come in”


Conestoga now introduces their Shiplap moulding program which offers options in 4”, 5” and 6” widths in 13 different wood species. True to the characteristics that make genuine Shiplap what it is, Conestoga’s Shiplap moulding is engineered to leave a telltale 3/16” gap between the face of adjacent moulding rows during installation, creating a subtle horizontal reveal between each layer.