New Conestoga Wood Specialties Products in Summer 2019

We are excited to bring you several new lines and products from Conestoga Wood Specialties providing you with more flexibility and style for your next project.

Allure Just Got More Alluring!

Tobago 225

Ten years ago, Conestoga Wood introduced its DLV (Decorative Laminate Veneer) door program and its momentum across numerous customer segments has continued to grow and grow. It’s the beauty, durability, convenience, and affordability that make all the difference.

With a short 7-day lead time and no extra time or added cost for finishing, Conestoga’s Allure DLV door offering affords significant savings of 30 to 50% – over similar finished wood doors.

In 2017, Conestoga propelled the growth of their DLV line with the introduction of the Shaker design and a brand new color palette. Now, here they go again, with the introduction of the new French Cut Shaker and Miter designs in their popular Bright White and White Dove colors. Both the Cabo 225 French Cut and the Tobago 225 Miter doors have a beveled framing bead similar in style to their popular wood F1223 profile.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development says, “Our Allure DLV program has been a consistent winner for a decade now. And we’re very excited to continue to push the envelope for our customers with the new Cabo 225 French Cut Shaker and Tobago 225 Miter door styles.”

The New Rutland Door…A New England Look that is Welcome Just About Anywhere

Conestoga’s latest transitional door style has a genuine Northeast feel with universal appeal. A 5-piece miter design, Rutland features 5/8” wide beveled framing bead on 2-11/16” framing and works with both solid wood and plywood center panels. Want a painted finish? The Rutland and Rutland PP are also available in our popular Paint Grade Hybrid offering, built with solid wood framing and a MDF center panel – the perfect canvas!

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development: “Our new Rutland door style has a simple yet elegant feel to it – especially in the Hard Maple with Driftwood finish. It feels very ‘New England’. We think it will really find appeal with designers who are looking for a transitional style that pulls in some genuine homespun Americana warmth.”

Discover the Northeastern style and charm of Conestoga’s newest transitional door style, Rutland and Rutland PP.

Our Newest Alternative Material is Totally In Vogue. Literally!

Conestoga’s Strata TTS, Allure DLV, and Synchronicity High Gloss programs have given designers and custom kitchen manufacturers some truly amazing alternatives to wood. While alternative materials are relatively new to the American market, the Europeans have been big on them for years.

Conestoga has led the way with alternatives to wood in America, and our rapidly growing alternative materials program brings Americans yet another new wood alternative product introduction – Vogue!

Vogue is similar in general appearance to the Strata program but with a less aggressive embossed texture and is offered at a more sensitive price point. The Vogue palette includes four distinctive, gorgeous colors and features an antibacterial surface, making it the perfect material for kitchens, baths, school environments, medical offices and more.

Vogue is available in Slab, 3-piece and 5-piece door and drawer front designs with complementary edgeband, laminate veneers, 4’ x 8’ sheet stock, cut-to-size panels, and more.

Conestoga Wood Now Offers A Floating Shelf Alternative

Beaded Floating Shelf Walnut Natural Styled

The unique and engaging look of the floating shelf never seems to lose its appeal. And the rapidly increasing popularity and demand for Conestoga’s wood floating shelf program has proven that out. So, where to next? Answer: expand the floating shelf offering to include alternative materials – specifically the Vogue and Strata lines.

Jeff Eichenseer, Conestoga Director of Marketing & Product Development explains, “Our floating shelves are rapidly becoming more popular every day. They offer a very appealing visual touch to both transitional and contemporary kitchen designs. At Conestoga, it’s in our nature to take a popular trend and explore ways to make it even more appealing…to give designers even more options to choose from. Moving these shelves into the alternative materials realm seemed only natural!”Conestoga has engineered an alternative materials floating shelf program offering the four new Vogue colors and 16 of the Strata board colors. They’re crafted of the same durable material as their Vogue and Strata doors and measure 2-3/4” thick, 10” wide, and are offered in 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48”, and 60” lengths. Interior wood support frames are modeled after Conestoga’s standard floating shelf mounting brackets, so installation screws can be inserted wherever needed to secure the support frame to wall studs.