5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Cabinet Displays

When your cabinets are full of everyday dishes and utensils, what do you do with the wedding china or vintage Pyrex that serves a more aesthetic function? Display cabinets, curio cabinets, and open cabinets are perfect for showing off your most special pieces, but a blank canvas in your kitchen can also be intimidating. Take a look at some of the customizable display options offered by Cabinetmaker’s Choice, and try some of our top 5 stylish tips for making the most of your cabinet displays, or mix and match to find the perfect way to personalize your cabinet design.

Create a visual centerpiece

If you have one especially striking item you’d like to display in your kitchen, have it stand out by arranging only a few sparse or plainer pieces to the side, allowing it to draw the eye and create a bigger impression in the room. You can try this design with a vase of fresh flowers, a matching bar set, or a large pitcher or punch bowl with a special look, and it’s perfect for more minimalist kitchens. If you’ve got a special color scheme, you may also want to wallpaper or paint the inside of your cabinet, for an even more striking look.

Fill the space with a collection

If you have a matching dish set or a collection you’ve been keeping in storage, this is the perfect place to  show it off with a coordinated cabinet design. Older collections like china or silver make for a classic look, and mid-century or contemporary pieces are in style for more modern kitchens. You can also create a collection by matching dishes by material, like wooden bowls and utensils for a farmhouse kitchen.

Show yourself off

Cabinet displays can be the perfect place for family photos or treasured memories, especially if you match them with other heirloom items. Think outside the box for this theme–you can display anything, from photos of ancestors to kids’ drawings to sports trophies. For a unique style, look for old frames in vintage and thrift stores, or match the colors to your kitchen’s accents.

Pick some beautiful bottles

For collectors without a wine cabinet, this can be the perfect solution: select some of the most aesthetic bottles and arrange them with some wine or champagne glasses. Old wine bottles can also serve as flower vases for a more decorative look! And if you’ve got a special bar set or other bottles to display, a cabinet can make a classic alternative to the trendy bar cart.

Go unconventional

Though your cabinet might be in the kitchen or dining room, there’s no limit on what kind of items you can display. Make it personal to the design of your home as a whole–if you’re a book-loving family, display some of your favorite or most beautiful titles on a shelf. If you collect figurines or football helmets, place some treasured objects in to personalize the whole cabinet. Try exploring the whole house to find a piece or two that makes you want to show them off–you might be surprised by what you find!