Creative Ways to Use Bathroom Cabinets

When planning your bathroom remodel, it helps to get creative, especially with a feature that doubles as storage and aesthetic. From the color to the style and placement, the cabinets can make a huge impact on the feel and look of your bathroom design–here are five creative ways to use bathroom cabinets and make your home stand out.

Minimalist Cabinet Design

Sticking to a consistent aesthetic for your bathroom remodel will do wonders to create an atmosphere of calm, and using a minimalist style for your cabinets and vanity is perfect for any room that requires simplicity. Flat-front cabinets and white or wood facing create clean lines; stick to simple drawer pulls and few shelves to match. To add lightness to the design, floating the cabinets off the floor helps open up the room for that spa-like feel.

Hide the Clutter

Adding more storage and cabinet space in your bathroom gives you the chance to keep all the clutter–toiletries, towels, and any other products–behind closed doors, and stick with the simple aesthetic that benefits a small room. Getting creative helps you organize even more: pull-out drawers can hide a clothes hamper, and a well-placed ceiling-length cabinet adds dimension to a room and increases your storage space.

Add an Accent

If your bathroom design is leaning too far towards plain white, try putting your cabinets on double-duty by ordering them in an accent color that brightens up the room and draws the eye to a dynamic feature. Matching the cabinets to a shower curtain or decoration creates symmetry, or you can go for a more cohesive look by picking a soft blue or green to match the calming vibe.

Double Vanities

If you’ve got the space for two sinks, doubling down on cabinets for the vanity will double its storage as well as convenience. Shades of white and light wood go best with bigger setups like these, but don’t be afraid to get creative with floating cabinets or exposed shelving. For even more space, add a cabinet to separate both vanities, and break up the symmetry with a painting or vase in between.

Half-Open Shelving

When designing your custom cabinets, breaking up the shelving with open segments can open up a smaller room and add a sense of contrast to your storage features. Especially if you’ve got any stored items worth showing off, like decorative towels or baskets for toiletries, this design gives another chance to personalize the space to your taste and aesthetic.