4 Ways to Use Frameless Cabinets

With modern and minimalist kitchens becoming one of the most popular styles for home decor, frameless cabinets have risen to the top as a versatile new alternative to classic cabinetry. Partnering with Executive Cabinetry, Cabinetmaker’s Choice is now offering a series of assembled frameless cabinet lines, with a wide range of designs and features all customizable to your home. Get inspired with these four unique styles for frameless cabinetry!

High Gloss Cabinets 

Executive Cabinetry’s Modello Collection offers a range of sleek, simple cabinets that blend perfectly with modernist kitchens. Since frameless cabinets are most commonly found in kitchens that trend toward the minimal, using a high-gloss finish can enhance the polished, contemporary feel that sets the style apart. White and cream shades match a kitchen with a spare aesthetic, but if you’re looking for a pop of color, try soothing blue or black for an even bolder statement. 

Classic Wood

If your kitchen style tends toward traditional, using frameless cabinets is an easy and beautiful way to modernize a classic cabinet design. The simple style opens up kitchens of any size, and provides more inside storage while blending seamlessly with appliances and walls. The Executive Collection provides a range of wood grain frameless cabinets that mimic classic styles like Shaker and Colonial, while remaining contemporary for a freshly remodeled feel.

Shades of Wood

If you’re looking for a more natural style, you might want a cabinet veneer that imitates wood grain while still retaining the durability and subtle look of modern cabinets. The Vogue Collection uses wood core and hardwood veneers to replicate the effect of classical wood styles, including oak, maple, and walnut, as well as exotic ones such as zebrawood and ebony. These darker shades create a luxurious effect particularly in larger kitchens, while light, warmer wood grains give off a cozy feeling for cottage-style or farmhouse designs. 


Alternative Surfaces

More and more consumers are opting for alternative surfaces like Thermofoil, which provide more durability at a lower price point than traditional hardwood cabinets. Manufactured cabinet materials also allow for a larger range of color finishes, like the Bellini Collection, which comes in over a thousand shades, many of which are unique to thermo-structured surfaces like these. A wide variety of colors lets you go as bold as you want in your kitchen design, which pairs perfectly with the modern style of frameless cabinets.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different styles and customizations offered for Executive Cabinetry’s Frameless cabinets, check out our full list of available products and contact form for any inquiries or quote information!