How to Choose the Right Cabinet Door Style

As one of the biggest visual elements of your cabinet set, the doors you choose make a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen as a whole. Whether you’re updating your aesthetic with a new set of doors, or choosing the style of a brand-new cabinet system, you’ll need to consider a host of factors to decide which style of door is perfect for your home. To learn more about the possible choices for your kitchen, read on for our guide to cabinet door styles offered by Cabinetmaker’s Choice below!


Shaker-style kitchens have become one of the most popular trends for kitchen remodels in the 2010s, with their mix of simple silhouettes and light colors that match everything. Farmhouse and rustic aesthetics work particularly well with this style, but Shaker doors are so clean they can match almost any room, making them one of the most versatile cabinet styles. Shaker doors have a single flat panel in the front, sometimes with a bead but often without. If you’re going for a timeless look, these are often the easiest to match to any style or era.


Although modern-style doors are even simpler than Shaker doors, they create more of a contemporary, minimalist feel than the classic Shaker look. These doors have a flat face, with no panel in the doors, and work well paired with simple brushed metal handles rather than knobs or pulls. These doors also match with many different materials in addition to wood, such as thermo-structured surfaces or laminate textures, which can make upkeep and prices easier on the consumer.


Also known as grooved or bead board panels, these doors feature simple but elegant panels with vertical lines creating texture and movement. While they’re more intricate than Shaker or modern doors, these can also blend effectively with many kitchen styles, from minimal to rustic, because of their clean lines and versatile materials. If you’re looking for a classic style with a unique touch, this style might be the perfect mix of both.


For kitchens that lean toward the ornate rather than minimal styles, European-style doors make a statement and give a luxurious touch to rooms that match. These doors draw the eye with applied moulding panels, making the cabinets a feature of the kitchen rather than part of the background. For that reason, many European-style rooms choose dark or stained wood for their palette, adding to the stately atmosphere these doors create.

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