How to find the best cabinets for your clients’ home or project

“Just give me the best cabinet,” your customer says over the phone. You sigh, you’ve been over this with them.

“Do you want something custom? Are you looking for something that comes assembled or that you assemble yourself? Have you looked at the options between Conestoga wood, Fabuwood cabinetry, or  Executive cabinetry?”

There’s a silence between you and the customer.

“I don’t know, whatever is best is fine.”

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, there is no such thing as “the best cabinet”; there is only the best fit ⁠for their needs. The problem? They don’t know what they need. Their requirements for cabinets are both specific and vague, somehow all at once.

Everyone ⁠— from the individual family to the multi-unit building owner ⁠— wants a dreamhouse; but often, even the most well-informed clients don’t know what that looks like, leaving you to walk them through the nitty-gritty details.

Cabinetry is just one piece of the puzzle, but it’s one that gets complex, even for the most experienced builders, with the client’s options, and the options within those options, being virtually endless. The (clearly not-so) simple task of choosing a cabinet can quickly become more difficult than installing the cabinets themselves.

Navigating the market is an essential skill for any builder. To make the selection process less of a headache, for both you and your client, we’ve reviewed three of the best brands in the industry ⁠— Conestoga kitchen cabinets, Fabuwood cabinetry, and Executive cabinetry.

Cabinet Customizability 


Sometimes, a homeowner wants that “wow factor.” Adding personality to your units can help you to find the right buyer, and custom features can make your units stand out from the crowd. That means you need flexibility. For clients who want a customized experience and the best, long lasting quality, Conestoga wood specialties is the way to go.

Conestoga kitchen cabinets boast over 30 species of wood to choose from, so your clients truly have the pick of the litter. Clients can select cabinet size, finish, and edge profile, just to name a few. Conestoga cabinet doors can be customized to the most particular tastes, down to the decoration and framing on the paneling.

Fabuwood and Executive cabinetry also bring many possibilities. With four different series apiece, featuring many options to fit any personality, there are hundreds of combinations possible when browsing Fabuwood cabinet colors and designs.

Executive cabinetry similarly offers a number of collections, with a veritable rainbow of colors available. Executive cabinetry comes with customizable options for any client’s taste, and is made from an all-plywood cabinet box, which many customers prefer.

Cabinet Durability


The design may be beautiful, but any cabinet is only as good as its lifespan, and while Conestoga wood, Fabuwood, and Executive cabinetry are all built to span heavy use over long periods of time, the materials available within these three options are worth considering when going over options with your client.

Fabuwood cabinets feature quality sourced lumber for all the lines of cabinetry they offer, ensuring that your client gets a long-lasting, durable cabinet. Crafted for reliability, Fabuwood cabinets make for a strong selection for those clients who aren’t looking for weekly do-it-yourself projects.

Of course, Executive cabinets feature a limited lifetime warranty, and coming from a vertically integrated manufacturer, you can be sure that Executive cabinets will stand the test of time.

Conestoga wood specialties, too, are a strong choice for anyone looking for a cabinetry built to last, with each painted and stained product being coated in a highly durable conversion varnish that protects any selected material from routine wear and tear.

Cabinet Pricing ⁠


When asking questions of quality, the price tag looms large just behind them. In just about every product arena, everyone wants the “best” ⁠— but what often stands in the way is price.

Simply stated, the top-tier option for most clients is Conestoga wood cabinetry. While it’s on the pricier side, Conestoga wood is the most cost-effective option for the more exacting client. As specifications for a kitchen grow more and more, well, specific, perhaps the best, most economical choice is to go with the brand that offers the most flexibility from the get-go, instead of trying to modify the already assembled picks.

But what makes Conestoga good doesn’t make your other choices worse. Executive and Fabuwood cabinetry also offer excellent options, like the Value Series by Fabuwood cabinets, featuring the Hallmark and Landmark styles. Looking for something in the value range that still feels unique? These cabinet lines can be upgraded with modifications and accessories, and are available in a wide range of colors.

Even at the more affordable end of things, Executive cabinetry has enough to keep any client happy. As an industry leader in custom and semi-custom frameless cabinetry, the Executive brand offers a wide array of colors, materials, and styles, all at an affordable price. With these economical costs, paired against its limited lifetime warranty, Executive cabinetry may be the best option, for the customer hoping to stretch their budget as far as possible.

It’s Not the “Best” Cabinet, It’s the Best Cabinet for the Job

In considering all of the above, it becomes apparent that, indeed, there is no such thing as the “best” cabinet ⁠— only what’s best for the job. With this guide, you can begin to talk to your client about what that cabinet is.

Making a house a home is a highly personal process; in that, it’s important to talk each detail through. As you refer to this guide, listen to what your client wants and needs. As the criteria become clearer, so will the choice.