Cabinet Doors and Beyond: Finishes to Fit Your Client’s Vision

Cabinet finishes are like finding the right tools; some are good for small jobs around the house, some help you on the jobsite, and others (we’ve all got that favorite tape measure) turn out to be perfect for every job. Like picking out the right pair or even picking the right style of cabinet door and cabinet type, you want to make sure that the kitchen “look” matches your client’s vision and use for the space and the rest of their living spaces. Whether cherry walnut, dark cherry, honey stains or perfectly painted (confused by all of the options yet?), your clients are looking for a special something and there are a variety of options to choose from. So grab your favorite brand’s catalogues and let’s break it down by styles.

Need help understanding all the different treatment options? Check out this rundown

Modern Cabinet Doors and Drawers for a Timeless Cleanly Designed Kitchen Trend

There are a number of ways to take on the “modern” look that has become so popular in recent years, and your clients are thinking about all of the new color options for their cabinet doors and drawers. A high-gloss option is a great, clean way to style a kitchen. Executive Cabinetry’s Modello Collection offers high gloss cabinet doors that echo European cabinet trends and gives your cabinets a fashion-forward look. Pair this with hidden silver hardware and you’ve got a match made in heaven! This is a great idea for creating a clean, futuristic set-up. It brings light into the room and makes everything feel airy, even if there is a lack of natural sunlight.

Contrast is also a unique way to add a modern flair to your kitchen (no, your cabinets don’t actually all have to be the same color!). A great way to pull this off is by pairing an evenly painted set of cabinets with a modern wood finish. Look for natural woods with vertical grains to make the space appear larger (like the Conestoga Weathered Grain Options, such as the Quarter Sawn Oak) and pair well with muted blacks, greys and whites. Both Conestoga Wood and Executive Cabinetry offer painted finishes for the kitchen of your client’s dreams.

Tip! Make sure to request samples and review side-by-side in indoor light similar to what you’ll be installing in your units to make sure you and your clients are happy with the chosen finishes. 

Traditional Cabinets for a Classic Kitchen that Won’t Go Out of Style

Did someone say farmhouse chic? We can work with that! Solid kitchen cabinet colors are great for these styles, giving room to highlight beautiful countertops and wall treatments. The most popular of these for your frames and cabinet doors are subtle whites, greens and greys, varieties of which can be found in Conestoga’s specialty treatments.

Tip! Fear not–you can work bright colors into a traditional kitchen! If your client wants to get creative, check out the prism paints, but make sure to tone down the rest of the finishes like wall treatments so as not to overwhelm buyers. Consider contrasting these decisions by choosing shaker-style cabinet doors, natural countertops and brushed metal hardware. 

Within traditional styles, we can also find ourselves in the more rustic realm of arts and crafts. These usually take the form of unique cabinet door shapes, but finish and color play a heavy role in how a kitchen comes together. You can usually find more prominent grains and more robust colors featured in arts and crafts style kitchens. Conestoga’s cherry finishes, specifically the honey options or red oak true tones offer a great deal of variety and fit the bill for this type of kitchen!

Clean and Simple Cabinets Can Give Extra Space To a Small Kitchen

Do you and your client just want simple and straightforward? A simple, muted wood grain is a great way to go for an easy people pleaser. Are you working on a multi-unit apartment building? No problem! This option will show off the appliances you spent a pretty penny on and please even the pickiest buyer. Try selecting a stain for your cabinets instead of a paint or a gloss, but stay away from harsh dark cherry stains. Look for grey variants of wood grains, like the Conestoga shale or ashen stains. These will keep the general organic-wood appearance while adding a touch of style!

Options never fail to present themselves when planning a project, but focusing on a specific style and viewing different possibilities within these categories can help simplify these design dilemmas.

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