Trade Secrets to Keep Your Bathroom, Office, or Kitchen Renovation Budget in Check

Your client wants to renovate, and they have a very specific organizational need for their new space (be it the bathroom, kitchen, office, or something else). They’ve looked at interior design websites and picked out the space of their dreams… and it’s way out of their kitchen renovation budget. From the gorgeous cabinets, to the expensive hardware, your client is worried that they can’t get the look they want for less, and unless you can come up with a solution, your project is on the line. But no fear! Your client’s kitchen renovation budget doesn’t have to limit the vision for the space, or the cabinets! What most people don’t realize is that there are options! So, so many options. You can still achieve your ideal (dare I say perfect?) space, taking into consideration some specific “trade secrets” that will help keep costs low and make the space work for whomever is going to spend their time using it. Let’s look at some easy tips for contractors and homeowners who are worried about going over the kitchen renovation budget. 

If you’re just starting your cabinet search, you may have a few ideas about how you want your space to look: the general style (check out this style guide if you need ideas!), color pallets and finishes and ideas about accessories. You’ve likely also come across your fair share of information about cabinet makers and brands. We offer three distinct options: Executive, Conestoga and Fabuwood. Focusing on the big two, Conestoga and Fabuwood, what exactly is the difference? 

Fabuwood: assembled and efficient.
Conestoga: customizable and high quality.
Executive: assembled, modern and frameless.

The rundown: Fabuwood’s cabinets arrive pre-assembled, and generally have a shorter delivery time between your first phone call with our sales reps and their arrival at your door. They also run on the more cost-effective side of things. If you’re on a larger-scale project where you’re stretched thin with labor costs, consider buying Fabuwood as a viable alternative to save on onsite assembly. 

Another great option that comes pre-assembled is found in the Executive Cabinetry line. Similar to Fabuwood, Executive Cabinetry can help you save on labor costs, and boast a shorter delivery time when compared to Conestoga. These options are all frameless, and give your unit a touch of the European cabinet trends that so many clients are keen on. 

With Conestoga, however, you’ll get a wider variety of options and you can choose all of the unique elements, even down to the cabinet ends and panels. You have more flexibility to choose what you want and save on what you don’t. The next section will highlight one of these Conestoga options: cabinet doors. 

A Secret Kitchen Renovation Budget Saver: Doors 


Now, how do you make the pieces you choose play nice with your kitchen renovation budget? You have to know which items to keep an eye out for! Cabinet doors are a great place to save money, while keeping with your design vision. 

While you can always talk to a sales rep, it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand. A great stylish first option to consider is Conestoga’s TW-10 cabinet door style. From shaker-style to mitered corners, they come in an astounding variety, like the TW-10714 (page 4.12). All options also have cabinet drawer fronts and end panels to match. 

Tip! If you like this option, check out the Stockbridge! It features square framing to provide that Shaker-style cabinet door that is so in style. 

If you’re looking for a cleaner, more minimalist approach (in line with many European kitchen trends), the Astoria and the Savoy are also great options. These cabinet doors can be produced in a variety of materials, from hard maple, white oak walnut to bamboo cherry (questions about how these look? Check out the wood species offered and just ask to see a sample!) 

Got an idea that’s not listed here? Talk to our sales reps about other great options or consider saving on other items to get the cabinet door of your dreams! 

Odds and Ends

Our next money-saving tip is simple and straightforward. What many suppliers dont want you to know is that behind those beautiful cabinet doors, the interior shelves and storage can increase your bill more than you realize. If you really want that particular dream door, consider saving on this portion of your kitchen or bathroom design to help support that renovation budget. 

Another accessory that can add to your bottom line: additional drawer boxes or pullouts. Sometimes, the difference from a standard base and a door with a drawer front to a three-drawer base can vary as much as $100-$175, depending on the width of the unit. 

Look at comparable buildings and spaces in your area to decide what you really need in a space. If you’re unsure, stick to simple shelving and give you or your client time to use the cabinets before deciding if that lazy susan or the pull-out organizer is a non-negotiable (which, it very well may be). We’ll be here to help if you decide they are! 

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and, whether it’s your own bank account or the accounting department, we’ve got you covered with our trade secrets on how to keep your costs down. Whether it’s opting for the pre-fab or saving on cabinet doors and organizational items, mix and match any of these options to fit your vision, the uses and your projected bathroom, office, or kitchen renovation budget to make your project an all-around success!