Cabinets for your Garage

After the holidays, you’re looking for place to store your holiday gear. More than that, you also need space for dirty boots, tools, and sports equipment that you’re not pulling out for the next few months. Why not add cabinets for your garage?

Now that the holidays are just about over, you’ve probably realized how much of a storage dilemma you really have. If you bought more than you anticipated to spice up an intensely dull and stressful year or just can’t remember how your decorations were stored in the first place, there’s hope and it’s in your garage! Cabinets can present a variety of flexible storage options for places you might not immediately think of, like a garage, where most of the items you only use once a year go to hide. Whether you opt for a ready to mount option (like Fabuwood Cabinets) or a custom cabinet option (Conestoga RTA cabinets), you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for many more holidays to come.

If you’re preparing for a place you don’t (or won’t) live in, these tips are also great if you’re in the market for a new place to spruce up or want to prepare the best for your buyers. Everyone hides away some part of their belongings, no need to feel any guilt about that!

Deep Storage

If you’ve got the space, maybe you want to consider a deeper-than-normal storage option. The market is littered with counter-depth cabinets and appliances, but you might need something more. This is where RTA cabinet brands like Conestoga will shine! Conestoga RTA cabinets can flex with your (or your client’s) needs, especially if this involves big holiday-sized boxes of stored ornaments, lights or other decorations of choice.

Custom cabinets are a great option for those weird nooks and crannies in some garages where you can’t quite fit a car, but you don’t want to waste the space. You can either turn these spaces into storage closets or, better yet, install well-organized cabinets to make the most of that space you don’t need to access every day. With brands like Conestoga, cabinet depths can vary, from 12 inches at the smallest to 30 inches at the largest (and you have five other varieties of size to choose in between). If you opt towards the deeper option, you’ll also be rewarded with a larger work area! Once you’ve established a suitable depth for your space, don’t be afraid to pair with some unique storage options. The last section of this post will help you consider your many options.

Ready-To-Go Storage

Do you need to add storage without the fuss? Consider using Fabuwood cabinets. Fabuwood cabinet sizes vary and, even better, they arrive quickly and ready to mount so you don’t have to think about the logistics between receiving your set and seeing your items put away once and for all.

Curious about Fabuwood cabinet sizes? They’ve got a great deal of options to match your needs. Our Fabuwood offerings break up into five series: the Allure, Quest, and Value series (you can see their catalogues by clicking on the corresponding links here). Better yet, each of Fabuwood’s unique collections break down into their own independent sizing option.

Of all the Fabuwood cabinet sizes, the Allure has the most plentiful depth. With the base cabinets coming in at 18 inches, this will be the best option if you’ve got high storage capacity storage boxes (all options come with removable cabinet shelves to adjust to your chosen storage box).

The Fabuwood Value and Quest series boast the perfect cabinet size if you’re trying to make sure your storage boxes and bins fit right next to your car parking spots. These both have base cabinets that measure just under 12 inches. If you’ve got smaller storage bins like these that you want to stack, this will be the perfect option.

Executive Cabinetry has a full line of frameless cabinets that give you the extra space you may need when storage is your goal. Frameless cabinets provide full access to the storage space without a face frame. There are 5 collections ranging from traditional door styles with the Executive Collection to the modern Roma Collection with sleek alternative material doors.

Complementary Storage

If you still need help organizing your workspace and have room for cabinet drawers, consider using these for your handheld tools, like screwdrivers, wrenches and, even drills. Some of the Conestoga custom cabinet accessories can even help up your organization game (trust me, no one wants to end up being the neighborhood garage slob! Make your neighbors jealous of your tidy space). For example, they may be called “cutlery dividers,” but these are actually the perfect opportunity to organize your screwdrivers, wrenches, nails, screws and even drills if you want to keep your countertop–I mean–workspace clear.

Trash can pull-outs like these offered by Conestoga Cabinets are also great features for those messy garage jobs. Maybe your goal is to make your space look organized or maybe you just don’t have enough room to tuck a trash can away somewhere out of the way. In either case, these will make you look more thoughtfully organized.

New Year, New Slate!

Whether you need something up and ready to go right away or have time to plan for custom cabinets, there are so many options for your storage journey. Take this opportunity to reflect on what’s missing in your spaces and what you could improve in the coming year to consider how your home, your future home, or your clients home could work to make life easier. Makers like Conestoga RTA cabinets, Executive Cabinetry and Fabuwood Cabinetry bring quality-ready products, now let us help you bridge the gap to make the process as painless as it needs to be. Make your new year a new slate!