How the Cabinetmaker’s Choice Sales Team Works for You

We’ve been selling cabinets at Cabinetmaker’s Choice for decades. During that time, technical advances have made it easier for our sales team to communicate with customers and coordinate on a final design. And yet, nothing can take the place of working with knowledgeable, experienced sales people who listen to your concerns and help tailor a project to your needs. Learn more about how the Cabinetmaker’s Choice sales team works for you and can give you the most competitive quotes in the industry.

We believe in developing a relationship with customers in order to guide you through the detailed process of choosing a transformative design that will provide satisfaction for decades. You might come across options from other sellers to purchase cabinets online and select species and finishes. We have deliberately chosen not to short circuit the sales process with online ordering in lieu of starting a conversation with our experts as early in the process as possible to address your specific needs and desires.


Keeping your budget in mind, we pride ourselves on passing on efficiencies by keeping costs low with our traditional sales methods. Cabinet designs will go through multiple iterations to narrow down to a final, satisfactory solution. That process can only be streamlined by a sales team that intimately knows the myriad products, options, finishes and accessories provided by our high-end manufacturers. Their extensive knowledge translates into cost savings for you as they know what alternatives and options are available, popular and economical. All project quotes are built unique to your needs and the most competitive in the industry.

Cabinetmaker’s Choice offers three cabinet manufacturers – Conestoga Wood Specialties, Fabuwood Cabinetry and Executive Cabinetry – to fulfill the needs of our diverse customer base. Whether you are looking for an office remodel, an elegant kitchen upgrade or a bathroom makeover, we guide you to the ideal solution with a wide range of unique options. Contractors and talented homeowners may opt for Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) highly customizable cabinets from Conestoga or to save time and effort, you may want fully assembled cabinets from Fabuwood or Executive. Whatever your situation dictates, the solution is within reach.

Reach out to one of our experts to start the process and see how The Cabinetmaker’s Choice sales team works for you.