Cabinetry Isn’t Just for Kitchen or Bathroom renovation

Before you plan your next interior renovation project, take a moment to consider bringing in the simplicity, beauty, and practicality of built-in cabinetry. Picture it: beautiful new cabinets designed specifically for your space that enhance the overall look of the room and also fit your varied storage needs. Cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens and bathrooms anymore. And the possibilities for the home are practically endless.

We were six months into the pandemic when we began to envision a better use of the space at the back of our living room. With a pretty view of the backyard and our busy bird feeders, we realized that this spot, which had housed a rarely used chair and bookshelf for years, was going to waste. And with several family members working and going to school from home, we became attuned to the need for cozy corners, unique decorative features, and extra storage space.

conestoga wood specialties cabinet installation living room - Cabinetry Isn’t Just for Kitchens or Bathrooms

We came up with the idea of building a window seat out of customized cabinets. It was an easy decision once we considered how much we would enjoy this high-quality feature while also adding value and interest to our home. We got to work right away, ordering our choice of Conestoga Wood pieces, and later assembled and installed the beautiful, new cabinets. (See the step-by-step instructional videos we created in the process.) The result is even better than we imagined. Our chosen cabinetry truly transforms the room and gives us ample seating to read, drink coffee, and enjoy a bit of nature from the warmth of our living room–as well as places to store games, exercise equipment, and more.

living room built in cabinets Conestoga wood specialties - Cabinetry Isn’t Just for Kitchens or Bathrooms

The truth is that almost any spot in the house can be dramatically improved by adding custom cabinetry. Home offices–which have become more needed than ever–are a natural fit for cabinets to store files, books, and office supplies while enhancing the aesthetics of these rooms where many people spend a large percentage of their waking hours.

The laundry room is another logical spot for storage. China cabinets are a pretty and practical dining room feature, along with hutches and bars. There are also less obvious spaces like mudrooms, walk-in closets, and finished basements. A window seat is a lovely bedroom feature. You might even create a library for quiet study and a way to showcase books and other treasures. The sky’s the limit!

built in laundry room cabinets - Cabinetry Isn’t Just for Kitchens or Bathrooms

Research by Rocket Mortgage shows what states had the most searches for different rooms to renovate in 2020 clearly showing that cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens or bathrooms anymore.

home renovations by state in 2020 - Cabinetry Isn’t Just for Kitchens or Bathrooms

While built-in cabinetry might not be your first thought when it comes to sprucing up the rooms in your house, it’s an excellent home improvement feature that’s sure to add utility, interest, and beauty to your interior spaces. Now it’s your turn to imagine what you might create with timeless cabinetry from Cabinetmakers Choice.