How Fabuwood is the Better Alternative In Bathroom Renovations

When you think about where you go to destress at the end of the day, is it your living room? Your bedroom? At least, by comparison, one place that often goes a little more under the radar may be your bathroom. This space can be just as relaxing as any other, and one of the best ways to make your bathroom into a bit of a spa experience is to remodel the overall look. So what should you consider when looking into doing a bathroom renovation, and why might Fabuwood cabinetry be a good option for you? Let’s find out!


First, decide what aesthetic you are going for with your bathroom. Clean and crisp, homey and warm, or sleek and dramatic. What makes you feel the most at ease or want to spend more time in that space? Fabuwood, even though they’ve streamlined their door styles and finishes to maintain low costs, still offers many options to help create the exact detail in your bathroom that you want. Fabuwood has a design for each look and budget, from traditional to minimalistic, modern to contemporary.


Next, how much storage space do you want, and how well should they be able to hold up over the years of use in your bathroom? New vanities and cabinets can create the perfect place to tuck away all your amenities and bathroom supplies, including towels, soaps, etc. Still, they should also be able to withstand everything going on within the bathroom itself. Bathrooms can become humid quite often or even become flooded, so you will want a material that won’t warp or rot under the circumstances. Fabuwood cabinets and vanities do well in bathrooms, even under these conditions, and to top it off, Fabuwood offers a five-year limited warranty to residential customers. So even if something does go wrong, Fabuwood will help make it right and get your bathroom back into working order.

Additionally, consider spacing. Bathrooms are often smaller than kitchens, so having cabinets and vanities that fit within that space are vitally important. Keep in mind how other structures function. How far into the bathroom does the door swing? Will your shower door hit the vanity, or will the toilet be in the way? Consider the bathroom’s traffic flow and make sure you don’t have to squeeze between separate fixtures.

Finally, price is always a huge sticking point when redoing any area, and the same is true for the bathroom. Even after the price hikes imposed in recent years regarding wood and wood products, Fabuwood’s price range is priced exceptionally well for the quality you get. It is typically 15% to 20% less expensive than similar American-made competitors without sacrificing value. This price point can save a lot of money, especially on more significant projects. Fabuwood provides good value for the money. Particularly for tasks with a limited budget and deadline. Fabuwood is always ahead of the industry with their advanced manufacturing and supply chain and currently are shipping within 4 weeks.

Overall, Fabuwood is one of Cabinetmaker’s Choice’s highest-rated line of products, and it’s an excellent value for the price and warranty it comes with. Fabuwood offers the most extraordinary durability, style, and budget, regardless of the bathroom option you choose for your new construction or dream remake. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss Fabuwood as a viable alternative for your project.