3 Kitchen Design Trends To Jump On For 2022

Our kitchens have always been an essential part of our homes, which couldn’t be more accurate than right now. Many of us have spent the past few years at home, with the kitchen becoming quite the popular spot for our families. We’ve come to really appreciate our kitchens, from cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner to hosting Zoom meetings, virtual classes, and helping with homework. To help you give your room a much-deserved—and potentially much-needed—makeover, we’ve put together three remodeling recommendations based on 2022’s top kitchen design trends.


Trending Colors

The top trends when it comes to color for 2022 appear to be warm and earthy. Whites and creams with rich browns stand out exceptionally well and provide a clean, crisp aesthetic that can stand the test of time (and wear) in any kitchen. We’ve progressed from stark white to warm, earthy, and all-around homey vibes in the kitchen. Add pops of color but keep an overall neutral theme to take advantage of this trend. Meanwhile, natural wood cabinets are a terrific design choice that adds to the warmth and coziness of a room. We love the traditional elegance of Fabuwood’s Fusion line for this very makeover. If you don’t like earth tones, go for something a little bolder. Black and white as a kitchen design trend is having a significant moment – and this color duo is the perfect combination of dramatic and traditional!

Count On Countertops

Countertops are the most popular splurge item in kitchen renovations in 2022, followed by appliances.

In 2022, white quartz colors will continue to be the most popular kitchen countertop trend. Quartz is popular because it is family and life-friendly – and it is a terrific alternative to marble for people who are drawn to it. There’s no need to be concerned about stains because quartz can withstand the rigors of everyday life. Additional kitchen trends for 2022 include waterfall islands, generously proportioned islands, and countertop materials that extend seamlessly onto walls.


Storage Is King

So you’ve gotten all the latest gadgets that 2022 offers, now where will you put them? Storage is the name of the game this year, especially with kitchens packed to the brim with families and friends looking for a place to hang out. If you do not want to have your appliances, cutlery, and even trash bin out in the open, you will want to look into some unique storage options. Luckily, there are many options to hide away anything you don’t want left out on the counters. Check out Fabuwoods entire line of accessories, including roll-outs, pull-outs, tilt outs, and even appliance garages for that perfect storage space for all your stuff.

2022 has a lot going for it already, and there is no better time to jump on recent, upcoming, and even rising trends when it comes to your kitchen. From remodeling the overall look to just adding a few more accessories, you can easily update any kitchen in practically no time. Visit us at Cabinetmaker’s Choice for more great options, and let us see how we can add some fabulous Fabuwood cabinets and more to your kitchen project!