5 Conestoga Wood Kitchen Accessories You Didn’t Know Existed

We all have our routines, especially in our most used room in the house – the kitchen. Conestoga Wood Specialties thinks about how we use our kitchen on a daily basis and what would make your life easier every day. We think you’ll agree that these modern kitchen accessories available from Conestoga Wood Specialties will make your daily routines a little more pleasant.


Pet Bowl Insert

This pet bowl insert allows for both aesthetic and hygienic convenience, eliminating  the issue of spillage and tucking away pet bowls which can often be an eyesore in the kitchen. It’s perfect for any lower cabinet, integrating your dog or cat’s needs right into your home design.

Beverage Pod Insert (Single, Double or Triple)

With these sleek beverage pod inserts, the unavoidably excessive pods for your coffee maker will have an organized, designated place in your cabinets. Available in different wood types as well as customizable sizes to match and fit perfectly into your drawers, the insert comes with single, double, or triple rows, holding eight, sixteen, or twenty-four beverage pods respectively.


Blind Corner System

A blind corner is the part where two perpendicular cabinets meet. With a blind corner storage unit, one can extend storage space into the unused space of the corner, which can often hold larger items than the rest of the cabinets can fit. A blind corner system like this one is perfect for your bigger pots and pans and your less frequently used appliances.

Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

For more involved cooking, the heavy duty mixer lift creates a space in your kitchen for heavy stand mixers both while in use and in storage. With this platinum-finished accessory, you can have a sturdy, reliable designated storage space for one of your more cumbersome appliances, and not worry about taking up space on your countertop.


Knife Block Insert – Available in Walnut or Maple

This knife block insert, available in Walnut or Maple, can ensure better kitchen safety and free up counter space by putting away your knives in a kitchen drawer. This is an elegant alternative to knife holders, renders each type of knife easily visible, and can be useful in keeping knives away from young children.

Conestoga Wood Specialties is a Pennsylvanian furniture company founded over fifty years ago which supplies custom doors and wood cabinets. Their line of accessories for cabinet interiors opens new doors for convenience, accessibility, and functionality, and can add a measure of cohesiveness and sophistication to your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen as a whole.

Check out the full line of Conestoga Wood Specialties accessories to help make your kitchen cabinets more convenient and useful. Contact us today to get the conversation started.