Introducing Illume – The First Frameless Cabinets by Fabuwood


We are thrilled to announce that we will carry the brand new line of frameless Illume Cabinets by Fabuwood! These cabinets offer a sleek, contemporary alternative to more familiar and traditional framed cabinets, and best of all, they offer many unique advantages, including:


Modern and Sleek

If your home, or home design, is a bit older, you will likely have the framed cabinet style. And it is easy to see why – the look is durable and traditionally American. However, because they have a more traditional appearance, the style may only be ideal for some homeowners, and not those who desire a contemporary kitchen.

On the other hand, frameless cabinets, such as those in the Illume range, offer a more updated and seamless appearance. This look is perfect for those homeowners looking for something that looks more modern and contemporary.

Greater Storage

Storage capacity in frameless cabinets is 15% greater than what you see in the more standard framed cabinets without making the space feel cluttered or crowded. Frameless cabinets can keep your kitchen looking clean and ‘simple,’ even sleek, thanks to their modern lines.


Stability and Longevity

Although framed cabinets are often seen as being relatively stable, frameless cabinets can match that stability and then some. The Illume cabinets at Cabinetmaker’s Choice are long-lasting and produced by testing the material for resilience to wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity, meaning you can trust that they’ll go the distance.


Innovative Blum Hardware

All Illume cabinets are equipped with industry-leading Blum hardware that’s a joy to use and experience. TANDEMBOX metal drawer systems offer easy four-way adjustments and fluid full extension, and the CLIP-top BLUMOTION Hinge’s one-click installation and release are second to none.

Faster Lead Times

As with all Fabuwood lines, your Illume cabinets will be delivered faster than any other manufacturer. With the industries best lead times and fully assembled cabinets your products arrive sooner and projects get done faster.

Considering all these benefits and a five-year warranty, four finish options, and multiple sizing options – there is no better time than now to introduce new cabinets to your kitchen, dining, or bathroom space! Visit Cabinetmaker’s Choice today for the best in frameless cabinets by Fabuwood and more!