Top Cabinets Trends and Kitchen Styles in 2023

Cabinetry has been, and will probably always be, a vital and popular kitchen component. It dramatically affects not just how much storage you have and how you can arrange your kitchen necessities but also the entire design theme of your kitchen. As we hit a brand new year and everything to come, we also want to look at the future of kitchen cabinet design. So let’s check out our top cabinets trends and kitchen styles predicted to become popular in 2023, ranging from frameless cabinets to blended materials and even the unique colors making their debut!


Clean Lines

Clean lines are the hallmark of minimalist design, and are making a huge comeback this year, such as in Fabuwood’s Frameless Cabinet Illume line. Frameless cabinets have a streamlined appearance that can make a kitchen look more spacious and contemporary. Another advantage is that frameless cabinets provide more storage space than traditional framed cabinets because there is no space taken up by the frame itself.

Natural Wood

Lighter, natural wood looks are also once more in style, and, luckily, most hardwoods fit this trend if they are left unfinished. Warmer hues and wood with a linear grain are highly preferred. Another significant emerging kitchen cabinet trend is oak, which is coming back after several years of lost popularity. It’s a traditional wood that is warm and light, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets.

Smart Tech Integration

Using voice and app-controlled functionality will increase as intelligent technology develops, eliminating the need for wires, levers, and switches in kitchen design. Regarding kitchen trends for this year, less is more.

Natural Colors

A new color scheme is starting to replace the stark white kitchen designs we’ve seen in recent years. In modern kitchen cabinetry, we see a rise in neutral tones mixed with forest greens, teal blues, and anthracite grays, such as in Fabuwood’s newest color lines. Dark hues and earthy tones can always serve as neutrals, ensuring that your kitchen’s design is both current and timeless. Modern island designs frequently use vibrant color saturation coupled with unassuming perimeter cabinets. This creates a serene setting with a strong pop of color.

Customization At Cost

It’s simpler than ever to personalize your kitchen, especially with cabinets such as those from Fabuwood that allow you the customized look without the higher price. You are no longer required to spend extra money on customized cabinetry. Numerous custom components are already in stock as modules that you can mix and match whatever you like in your kitchen.

Cabinets typically stop 18 inches below the ceiling in kitchen designs, and molding is added to finish the effect. However, many designers, Fabuwood included, are starting to fill that space with storage rather than abandoning it. Consider installing cabinets that extend from the backsplash to the ceiling to make the most of your kitchen’s available space. Flat front cabinets work well for a floor-to-ceiling appearance. The additional cabinets fit thanks to the modern, seamless design seamlessly, making the kitchen appear less cramped.

And that is a good look at what we have to look forward to! This year, we are seeing a trend towards advancements in tech, a return to natural colors, and minimalist designs. Effective appliance integration and increased storage spaces are also helping to create a sleek, fashionable appearance that is still quite functional. Altogether, it’s a significant leap from past years but one that will last for decades. So if you’re ready to discuss the newest ideas that can be included in your kitchen redesign, get in touch with us at Cabinetmaker’s Choice.