Maximize Your Small Kitchen Space With These Clever Solutions

Got a small kitchen that is feeling just a bit too cluttered? Don’t worry about busting down a wall or trying to jam everything into your cabinets instead; look at these clever solutions that can help open up your space without breaking your budget!


Go with a moveable island Islands can be great, but they can also take up a ton of space and aren’t the best solution for a smaller kitchen. Try using a cart-style island with open sides rather than a standard island with cabinets as the foundation. Island carts provide practical storage you can use from all sides while maintaining a barely-there appearance that opens up the kitchen. If the island is mobile, you can also draw it up to the back counters, push it aside when convenient, or even transport it to another part of the house to use as a beverage cart or buffet station.

Add cabinets where you can – Cabinets are probably the best storage solution for any small kitchen, especially when you use them correctly. Replace old, bulky cabinets with sleek-front doors, and take them all the way up to the ceiling to ensure that you are making full use of any available height the space has available. Need a bit of inspiration? Our Fabuwood Value Series combines the visual style and functionality you need, regardless of your kitchen’s size!

Turn wasted space into countertops – Ever considered how much space you are losing to your stovetop or sink? It’s a lot! However, by simply using cutting-board burner covers or creating a cutting board that fits over your sink, you can open up the entire space so you don’t clutter up other kitchen areas.


Look up (way up) – You might not have considered it before, but your cabinets’ tops provide excellent space for storage. You can store special occasion serving trays and even additional pantry goods up there if you need them later. If you’re concerned about how it will all appear, consider utilizing attractive baskets to conceal your supplies and add a pop of color or decoration to the otherwise underused space.

Consider the clutter One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your space feel bigger, even if you don’t change anything outside, is to ensure you are doing away with clutter. Cabinet Maker’s Choice and Conestoga offer multiple options to help make this task easier with cutlery dividers, spice storage separators, and interior knife blocks that can all be used to clean up those cabinets that you already have but aren’t using to their full potential!


Waste not, want not – Another tip you’ll want to try is using your wall space, even if you don’t quite have the total amount needed for cabinets. Add hooks to your walls for pots and pans that look nice but don’t fit in a cabinet, hang a pegboard for some optional storage space, or consider floating shelves such as Conestoga’s new Vogue and Strata Alternative Material Floating Shelves!

And there you have it! Six easy ways you can start making the most out of your kitchen space, regardless of its actual size! By being creative and resourceful, you can easily make your kitchen feel double the size it actually is without having to remove a wall (or two.) For more design and inspiration tips and cabinetry styles to fit any style and budget, check out Cabinet Maker’s Choice today!