Here Are Six Things That Could Be Ruining Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is an integral part of a home, and a room which many homeowners take pride in and carefully design.  However, because the kitchen is a frequently used space, a lot of wear and tear can hinder both the appearance and function of its practical elements. Cabinetmaker’s Choice has tips to help keep you from runing your kitchen cabinets.

To keep your kitchen space looking and feeling contemporary and well-suited for daily use, there are a few design specifics to prioritize.  Paying attention to the condition and setup of your kitchen cabinets is a great way to keep your kitchen as both conveniently practical and visually pleasing as possible. Here are six mistakes to avoid so you can ensure that your kitchen cabinets last a long time.


Lack of Cleaning and Maintenance – In addition to routine cleaning and polishing cabinet handles, cleaning and oiling the hinges and slides of your kitchen cabinets helps with function and longevity. These pieces are frequently in use and in time can become less effective if proper care is not taken.

Maintaining the cabinet doors and drawer faces is also vital in keeping up the appearance of your kitchen. Contact and paint chipping are unavoidable aspects of a lived-in kitchen, but a touch-up pen can do wonders to cover up minor nicks and scratches.

Poorly Planned Layout – A carefully planned layout is one of the most important ways to ensure that your kitchen cabinets will last a long time and require little upkeep. If your space is too cramped and the appliances too close together, your cabinets can be slammed or splashed on, quickly worsening their original quality and creating more work to keep them looking presentable. While designing your kitchen space, make sure that there is enough room for proper flow, and that your cabinets can easily open and close.

Sun Damage – Who doesn’t enjoy a well-lit kitchen? Direct sunlight, however, can result in uneven fading and yellowing of painted and wood cabinets. To prevent sun damage to your cabinetry, consider window covers which you can draw on brighter days.

Installation Issues – Most of us go to great lengths to prevent dents and scratches on our cabinets while moving into a new house or upgrading our kitchen spaces. It is equally important to ensure that they are fitted properly, as the cabinet joints must be correctly placed and assembled for exact construction. Employing experts to install and secure the joints properly, like those at Cabinetmaker’s Choice, will ensure strong kitchen cabinets that will not crack or damage due to poor fitting.


Moisture and Temperature – The most common source of cabinet damage is excess moisture and an inconstant temperature in the kitchen area. If your kitchen becomes too hot, too dry, or too humid, the environment can quickly cause extreme damage, like cracking, swelling, warping, or panel edge exposure. It is important to protect your cabinetry by maintaining a stable temperature and climate.

So, what are the most valuable actions you can take to ensure the longevity and functionality of your kitchen cabinets over time? It’s simple: perform proper maintenance on your cabinet units, plan out your kitchen space to allow for a comfortable flow, and reduce moisture, heat, and sun exposure in your kitchen. For more design and inspiration tips and cabinetry styles to fit any style and budget, check out Cabinet Maker’s Choice today!