Kitchen Remodel

7 DIY Projects to Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen trends come and go quickly, and design styles which we once loved become outdated. It can be difficult to commit to a pattern or a cabinet style and stay content with your choice, but this doesn’t mean an entire renovation is necessary. Here are a few quick and easy ways to spice up your kitchen cabinets and keep your house looking stylish.


Contact Paper: This is a classic home project which allows you to showcase your personal style. Add contact paper into your kitchen drawers and the insides of your cabinets to liven up your storage spaces. If you want a traditional look, consider gingham or toile, or, if you’re going for a more modern appearance, marble or trellis patterns.

Adhesive Wallpaper: Peel-and-stick wallpaper is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your kitchen cabinets. Adding wallpaper to your cabinet panels will showcase your unique style, and is a good choice for those of us who are more fickle when it comes to design, because most adhesive paper comes off without any hassle. Pro tip: try to look for wallpaper styles which match the color scheme of the rest of your house for a cohesive, professional look.

A New Trim: It’s never too late to change your cabinet trim, and it could make a big difference in the appearance of your cabinetry. This could be as easy as using wood glue to attach a new molding style to your cabinet panels.

Stencils: If you’re a fan of design styles which incorporate flora and fauna, this might be the perfect project for you. Use a paint stencil to spice up your cabinet doors and bring your kitchen to life. Flowers, birds, geometric patterns, and fleurs-de-lis are all common choices. Choosing a unique pattern will make your kitchen feel more personalized to your taste.


A Built-In Chalkboard: This trend is growing popular in modern homes and allows for both convenience and style. By covering one or two kitchen cabinet panels with chalkboard paint, you can integrate function and design. Now there is a designated place for your grocery list and your weekly menu, and no need for notepads to clutter up the fridge door.

Wire Doors: Replacing your kitchen cabinet panels with chicken wire door inserts will create a more open environment. There is no better way to casually showcase your vintage glass collection or wedding porcelain, and this look fits with both modern and traditional-style kitchen designs.

New Cabinet Handles: Upgraded handles or knobs on your cabinets will change the feel of your kitchen without requiring a great deal of effort. Think about matching your new pull hardware to your lighting fixtures for a harmonious look. Brass handles are becoming popular if you’re looking for a sleeker appearance, or top knobs are the perfect choice for kitchens with more traditional barnwood styles.

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