5 Essential Kitchen Upgrades to Prepare for Cold Weather


Winter is approaching, and that means our kitchens get a lot of use as we prepare comfort foods and cook for our families. It also means that there are more precautions to take in order to ensure a safe and comfortable home environment. Here are five crucial tips to make sure your kitchen is prepared for colder weather.

Seal your windows and doors. Making sure that your windows have a proper application of sealant is crucial to keeping warm in the winter. Sealing your windows and doors will prevent drafts from coming into your home, and reduce outside air flow. It will also increase energy efficiency and keep your windows from warping over time.

Upgrade your floors. As the colder months approach, consider making changes to your kitchen floors. This could mean opting for hardwood, which radiates warmth and adds exponential value to your home, or trying out  heated tiles. If you want a less intensive project, simply add a few runners and area rugs to keep your feet warm.


Opt for softer lighting. Embrace the winter environment by switching out your harsher bulbs for mood lighting. Add yellow lighting or diffused lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere for cooking and entertaining. Experiment with hidden light strips underneath your cabinets to brighten every area of your kitchen.

Make sure your pipes are in good condition. Inspecting your plumbing and ensuring the stability of your kitchen water pipes is an essential step in winter-proofing your home. If pipes are old, they can burst or crack during colder weather and cause serious damage. If your pipes make noise or you’re experiencing drainage problems, these are signs to have your plumbing looked at before the weather changes.


Update your cooking essentials. Invest in high quality products to upgrade your winter cooking. Slow cookers, stock pots, and dutch ovens are perfect for simmering stews and soups. Make hot lattes and cappuccinos from the comfort of your home with an espresso machine. Try out a bread maker or a rice cooker for your comfort meals.

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