Kitchen Design Techniques to Bring Nature Into Your Home


Incorporating more natural elements in your kitchen style will liven up your home and work to create a more open environment. While details like house plants are classic and contemporary, there are many other innovative design methods which bring the natural world inside.

Play Around With Water. This could mean opting for small details, like a decorative tabletop fountain, or a statement piece like a waterfall wall. Having a moving design component will create a calming effect and work to enhance the zen nature of your home.

Bring in Organic Materials. Stone sinks and bamboo cabinets are perfect for a more organic, meditative environment. For quicker solutions, try incorporating natural textures in smaller ways, like a wooden dish rack or grasscloth wallpaper. Live-edge wood is an emerging trend, and works perfectly for creating unique countertops.


Follow a Specific Color Palette. Focus on earth tones and neutral colors, like tranquil blues, greens, and browns. Softer lighting paired with a muted color palette will allow for a natural-feeling, serene atmosphere.

Make Use of Natural Light. Utilizing a larger window or investing in a skylight will brighten up your kitchen and allow for a better view of the outside. Try out lighter curtains for your kitchen windows in order to maximize sunlight. If you have bright overhead lighting, consider changing them out for daylight bulbs, which mimic the natural qualities of sunlight.

Bring Life In. Make an effort to display a vase of cut flowers, or invest in an arrangement of your favorite indoor plants. This will bring more vibrancy into your kitchen and help to create an authentic feel. Experiment with hanging plants and standing plants to add dimension, or get creative with different styles of pots.

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