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  • Remodeling Your Kitchen? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    Remodeling Your Kitchen? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

    Renovating your kitchen is one of the most beneficial actions you can take to increase the resale value of your home and appeal to potential buyers. Whether you want to redo your kitchen to better represent your personal tastes or to prepare your home for sale, it’s important to make sure that you’re considering the…

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  • Kitchen Design Trends Predicted for 2024

    Kitchen Design Trends Predicted for 2024

    As we begin to head into the new year, new trends are emerging in the world of kitchen design. If you want to give your house a modern, on-trend feel, it’s important to stay on top of these style cycles and change with the times. Let’s take a look at the top trends in kitchen…

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  • 7 DIY Projects to Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets

    7 DIY Projects to Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen trends come and go quickly, and design styles which we once loved become outdated. It can be difficult to commit to a pattern or a cabinet style and stay content with your choice, but this doesn’t mean an entire renovation is necessary. Here are a few quick and easy ways to spice up your…

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  • 5 Innovative Ways to Create a Luxury Kitchen

    It’s hard to resist the urge for a luxury kitchen, but an entire renovation isn’t always necessary to achieve a greater level of indulgence. Here are some additions to your kitchen which will ensure that you and your family will feel like royalty. A Butler’s Pantry: A butler’s pantry or serving pantry is a walk-in…

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  • Your Biggest Cabinet Questions Answered

    Being in the cabinetry business means that we are often asked technical questions about cabinet installation and styles, and remodeling in general. Luckily, we are experts in these areas, and we are happy to help our customers navigate the more complicated details. Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions, which…

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  • The Most Popular Modern Kitchen Products

    Kitchen trends are constantly changing and evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up. Luckily, we’ve looked into the biggest upcoming trends for the year so that you don’t have to. 2023 is seeing an emphasis on natural materials and colors, and subtle design styles which work to enrich the home. Let’s take a…

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  • The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization

    The kitchen is the heart of any home – so why leave it a cluttered mess? A well-organized, neat kitchen saves energy, space, and time. Just think of the convenience of opening a drawer or cabinet in which everything has a designated place. Luckily, organizing your kitchen can be simple and easy, if you follow…

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  • The Advantages of Soft-Close Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

    While searching for their ideal kitchen cabinets, homeowners often don’t give much thought to the sound that their cabinet doors make when they close. However, this should be a significant consideration when trying to create a stress-free and functional kitchen environment. Just think of how many times you’ve woken up to the sound of cabinet…

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  • Introducing Fabuwood Galaxy Timber

    Are you ready for the latest and greatest in the Fabuwood line of kitchen cabinets? If so, then we would love to introduce you to Galaxy Timber – Fabuwood’s newest addition to its impressive series of door styles, shaking up home renovations everywhere. Fabuwood has been paying close attention to recent trends, especially the appreciation…

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  • Picking The Right Cabinetry For Your Lifestyle

    Whether you’re remodeling your whole house or just focusing on a single room, you want the best of the best for your space. That is why it is so important to choose the right everything for your room, especially when it comes to somewhere you’ll spend plenty of time in, like your kitchen or bathroom.…

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