Introducing Prism Paints: Conestoga’s Prism Paint Program

Introducing Prism Paints

Cabinetmaker’s Choice has secured an exclusive offering on prefinished beaded inset doors and front frames for its customers. Many of our valued customers have requested these products and we were able to obtain an exclusive offering from Conestoga Wood Specialties. Please call for details.

A spectrum of color can be yours with Conestoga’s Prism Paint program. With more than 1,000 colors to choose from, Prism Paints provide the colors you need to make your next kitchen project truly unique. Whether your finish is traditional or something out of the ordinary, why not let Conestoga finish your next painted kitchen?

Quality, Variety and Dependability – It’s what you’ve come to expect from each of Conestoga’s premium finishes, and the Prism Paint program is no exception.

In addition to a complete range of wood components, the Prism Paint program features:

  • Conversion varnish topcoats, one of the most durable in the industry.
  • Available with Paint Grade Hard Maple, MDF and Hybrid substrates.
  • Loose paints that can be purchased in one and five gallon increments.
  • A comprehensive fan deck, showing samples of the nearly 1,100 colors.
  • A one-year limited warranty on both materials and workmanship.