Bathroom Design Tips Every Amateur Should Know

Last month we gave you five kitchen design tips to help with the DIY home remodeling projects that the Cabinetmaker’s Choice custom cabinets are designed for. This month in Bathroom Design Tips Every Amateur Should Know, we’re focusing on another room where planning and customization are essential: the bathroom. These tips will help you get started on the affordable and tailor-made projects that get you one step closer to the home of your dreams.

1. Layout

Bathrooms have a lot of necessities to fit into a small space, so your floor plan is essential in creating a calming and functional area. Make sure you leave significant space between your main appliances: shower, sink, and toilet. For a low-cost remodel, make sure you line up all the plumbing lines across one “wet wall” — you can make the space feel more open with glass shower doors or light-colored tile. If you’re looking for a more personalized room, try designing the layout around a unique feature, like a bay window or vintage bathtub.


2. Cabinetry styles and purchasing tips

In small rooms, storage can be the trickiest aspect to design–cabinets need to provide enough space, but can’t take up too much of the room. Making the sink and vanity wider or deeper is an easy way to increase storage space, and you can explore the many styles and colors available to make these utilities beautiful as well as functional. If you need more space, consider wall-mounted cabinets or inset shelves like these.


3. Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom will go a long way toward creating the soothing and beautiful mood you need. For the best results, make sure you layer your light sources, with an overhead light as well as smaller light sources, such as mirror lighting, decorative lamps, or even candle sconces. Avoid any lighting that throws shadows, and if you have outside-facing windows, use that natural light to your advantage with coordinated window treatments.


4. Flooring

You may picture your dream bathroom with glossy, luxurious marble or ceramics, but be careful–stone tiles are slippery and dangerous when wet. The flooring in your bathroom will have specific requirements to keep it shower and bath-safe; try looking for honed-finish flooring or “impervious”-rated ceramics. If you’re set on natural stone, make sure you seal the flooring to keep it semi-waterproof.


5. Amenities

Tailor your bathroom to your favorite style and function by adding some non-essential features that fit your budget. If you have space and money to spare, you can deck out your room with luxury add-ons like a gas fireplace or radiant heating. But even if you’re working on a smaller scale, there are lots of beautiful details that let your style shine: take a look at some artistic candleholders, vintage drawer knobs, or designer wallpaper.


6. Tips for a small bathroom

Even in a cramped space, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom comfortable and beautiful with some small adjustments. A corner sink takes up less space and makes the space feel homey; trough-style sinks are trendy and increase your functionality while taking up less room. For design, look for big patterns and mirrors, which trick the eye and make the room seem more spacious.


DIY remodeling is a great way to make sure every part of your bathroom is tailored to your taste and budget, and using resources like the expert consultations by Cabinetmaker’s Choice will give you both control and experience in selecting all the perfect aspects of your dream room.