Five Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen!

Five Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen!

Maybe Tidying Up gave you the organizing bug, maybe you want you new cabinets to look as good inside as they do outside, or maybe you’re just overdue for spring cleaning. The kitchen can be one of the most daunting rooms in your house to organize, but the hard work is more than worth it. Read on to find the five best strategies and tips for spring cleaning for making your kitchen feel as clean on the inside as it is on the surface!

1. Organize your daily-use items first.

Even if you may want to start getting rid of those never-used place settings immediately, it’ll help far more to find a place for your essentials before anything else. Start by identifying the food and dishes you reach for every day, whether it’s cereal boxes or your favorite coffee mug. Find a place that’s eye-level and accessible with one hand. This should help you clear some space on your other shelves, and give you a defined space for some of the more random-but-essential items in the cabinets or pantry. Especially if you can only devote an hour or two each day to organization, this strategy will help you feel the difference in your kitchen immediately!

2. Invest in shelf risers and storage boxes.

To make the most of your cabinets, you can add shelf inserts anywhere you have empty space, and maximize storage at every inch. Try alternating hanging and standing inserts for a more dynamic look, and play around with sizes and placements to match each cabinet’s needs. Conestoga’s interior storage options gives you cutlery dividers, pull-out drawers, spice rack inserts, and more choices to double your space with beautiful and functional customizations.

3. Take care of your cleaning supplies.

Keeping cleaning products neat and handy will make tidying up much less daunting, so spend some time under your sink as you declutter. A hanging rod will keep your sprays accessible and clear up floor space for boxes, or you can try a lazy susan for products without hooks. Just make sure all labels are visible and any expired or duplicate products aren’t using precious space.

4. Repurpose old files and bags for DIY dispensers.

Try this clever trick from PB&J stories to create a mini-vending machine for canned goods, or use a file to store any vertical objects like water bottles or pasta boxes. For anything flat, like recipe books, magazines, or placemats, use a Command hook to attach a file folder to a cabinet door. To store reusable bags or garbage liners, hang one (find the best-looking bag!) on a hook in a cabinet or pantry, and stack the rest inside.

5. Keep it up!

The most crucial part of organization isn’t getting everything in the perfect place–it’s keeping it there. Creating a dedicated space for the items you use most often will help you remember where everything goes, and where to put it back. The extra minute to make sure you’re keeping all your drawers and cabinets tidy will pay off in hours of saved time and the lack of stress of searching for what you need in those critical moments.