Vanity cabinets: what your bathroom might be missing

Not satisfied with big-box store options? Want to plan your custom bathroom with your rules? No problem! There are many options for your bathroom space, the most important being a custom bathroom vanity cabinet. You may already be familiar with basic bathroom design tips, but are you ready to start thinking about all the components that you need in your bathroom space? Whether your needs are unique or you just want to create a great bathroom space with custom vanity features for a future buyer, we’ll help you ask (and answer) those questions you didn’t even know you had.


The first step, as always, is to measure out your space. Figure out how much space you have for your vanity cabinet. Secondly, (you’ll want to head into this step with your plumbing fixtures selected), get your hands on the specs for your sink bowl and faucet. This will determine how much space you’ll have leftover for storage. Is this a master bathroom with double sinks? Make sure to plan for enough space between the two bowls to allow for the placement of items (or just enough distance between you and your partner!).

Vanity interiors

Once you know how much physical space you have to work with, begin by asking the basic questions about your storage needs to make the most out of your custom vanity. Do you want shelves or doors? Maybe a combination of both? With customizable cabinet makers, it’s easy to pick either option, but this will depend on how you like to store your toiletries and what toiletries you normally keep on hand. Luckily, with Conestoga, you can mix and match almost any option to create the perfect space for you or your client!


Location, location, location. Once you decide you want drawers in your bathroom vanity cabinets (at least one will never hurt), look at placement options. Conestoga offers a wide variety of drawer placement options and quantities of drawers. If you’ve got a larger space for a custom vanity, consider ordering cabinet drawers, stacked to one side like the “Vanity Combo” with three drawers or two.

The 5-drawer, 2-door RTA Base Cabinet offering from Conestoga Wood Specialties. The new B2D5D is as versatile as they come – fully customizable bathroom vanity cabinet in widths from 48” to 96”


As any well-rounded adult knows, if you’ve got cleaning products in your bathroom, you’ll want to make sure your custom vanity has at least one shelf. Keep in mind the general rule of thumb: you should plan for at least four to six inches of shelf space for each shelf. Two doors or one? We’ve got you covered! There are a variety of options and doors you can use to access your very own vanity cabinet space and we’re more than happy to work with Conestoga to include as many shelves as you’ll need.

Tip! If you’ve moved into a space that was already outfitted with bathroom vanity cabinets, you don’t necessarily have to swap out your entire vanity to meet your storage needs. If you’ve got a limited budget, consider changing out the drawers for shelving. With the right measurements, we can help!

Bonus: linens and storage

Bathroom storage doesn’t have to stop with the space around your sink. Although it’s one of the most convenient places to put your daily toiletries, what about those pesky linens you change out every so often? Bathroom linen cabinets are your friend! In fact, linen cabinets have come to be an expected feature for many homeowners and buyers alike, and for good reason. Consider planning for a nook in or around the bathroom to place a linen cabinet. Just like with your vanity, Conestoga has multiple options (drawers? Shelves? You got it!), so research away!

From sizing to shelves, cabinet drawers and even linen cabinets, starting with this guide is a great way to consider your options without getting overwhelmed by all the customizable choices Conestoga offers. If you’re looking to be creative, check out this post filled with even more suggestions. Don’t forget about colors and finishes–once you’re ready for the final step, do your research on your options.