New Year New Kitchen – Conestoga Wood and Fabuwood Cabinets for a New Look

We could start this special article by saying so many things about 2020. We all know it was a roller-coaster of a ride and, if you’re reading this, it means that you survived! Although, sometimes, you just need a fresh start after spending so much time at home, looking at the same drab décor. Whatever crazy events rocked your kitchen (whether it was surviving the baking flurry of early quarantine or, like many of us, maybe your kitchen spent the year barely holding on), maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Looking for information on Conestoga Wood cabinets and Fabuwood kitchen cabinets? Prism paint colors? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you want a full upgrade and the ease of a pre-assembled Fabuwood project or a Conestoga custom cabinet cater-to-your-needs endeavor, we’ll explore a few options here for you to consider.

Pre-Assembled and Ready to Go

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands and don’t want to go through the process of assembling your cabinets, Fabuwood kitchen cabinets will be your friend. They have collections that range from modern and trendy to traditional and cozy. If you’re looking for that modern Fabuwood touch, the Allure and Quest series offer a great amount of options. For that traditional look, the toned-down Value series has just what you’re looking for.

The Process

First thing’s first, do your research! Whether your source of choice is Pinterest, Reddit or design magazines, start saving photos of your dream kitchen cabinet design. There’s no wrong answer and the more details the better. Do you have an ideal handle? A perfect color? We can help match either of these items with the perfect cabinet set (be it assembled Fabuwood cabinets, custom Conestoga Wood cabinet options or high-end Executive Cabinetry brand). Once you’ve got a small idea board going, reach out to a sales rep with photos or plans of your existing kitchen in hand to start getting an idea about pricing and options. This may take a bit of back and forth, but fear not! If you do opt for the Fabuwood assembled option, once the design process is through, you can look at having your kitchen cabinets assembled and shipped in approximately two weeks.

Want more information on Fabuwood cabinet’s latest styles? Their lookbook offers all of the latest styles.  

Tip! If you’re considering changing the layout of your kitchen to get the most out of your space, consider your space and consider your options. It’s never too late to take advantage of what you’ve got! 

The Facelift

You may find that all your kitchen needs is a face-lift for a much-needed change of scenery (since you can’t go on vacation yet, you can always change up your space so it feels new!). If you didn’t already know, many custom cabinet suppliers like Conestoga allow you to purchase only the cabinet doors for projects where your existing space and storage options are already working well for you, but the facade needs a refresh.

Choosing Door Types

Browsing the Conestoga cabinet door catalog for your perfect replacement door may seem daunting at first, but let’s look at two popular styles:

Shaker doors: arguably the most popular option right now for a reason; these cabinet doors are simple and are just a step ahead of buying a simple slab door (although, this is also a great option for those European-inspired kitchens). They’re a fantastic option for those looking for a geometric, modern touch, with details such as straight edges and 90 degree angles.

Raised panel doors: If you’re looking for a more eye-catching cabinet door design, look no further than raised panel doors. Like some of the doors that are likely in your house, these feature a symmetrical panel in the middle of the door that is slightly raised to create a shadow effect. Miter raised panel doors have the interior panel raised on an inclined platform and are a great option if you like playing with highlights and shadows.

Choosing Door Finishes

There are all sorts of finishes and colors offered by Conestoga that you can pick for the perfect trendy kitchen space (and your cabinets will thank you). Here’s news: solids are in! Checking out specific options like prism paint colors will help narrow down your choices. If you’re looking for a cool, calm space, think about using diluted greys like prism paint’s Starry Night or Ponder. If a single color isn’t doing it for your high-end style, you can also mix and match with greys and whites, separating your space in two, with wall-hung and counter height cabinets both taking two separate, but compatible colors. Check out the full list in Conestoga Catalogs.

Tip! Still need help picking? Check out these handy guides for choosing finishes and eye-popping color!

Whether you want to give your kitchen cabinets a face-lift or a remodel, your options are always varied and the process doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want new cabinets, but don’t have the time, Fabuwood kitchen cabinets are pre-assembled and a fantastic, quality-assured option that come ready to attach! If you’re begging for something new and high quality, don’t be afraid to explore the multitude of offerings from Conestoga Wood cabinets! Sometimes all you need is a little change to be re-inspired.