Introducing the Twelve Qualities of Q12 Fabuwood

We know how important it is, as a consumer, for you to ensure that what you’re paying for is of the highest quality. A high-quality product will improve the appearance of your kitchen and will also last far longer than sub-par products. Allow us to introduce the Twelve Qualities of Q12 Fabuwood.

Every Fabuwood cabinet meets the Q12 quality criteria, a set of twelve essential requirements for any cabinet.

Introducing the Twelve Qualities of Q12 Fabuwood 

Quality-Sourced Lumber – One thing that sets Fabuwood apart is the rigorous testing that the wood used for their cabinetry goes through. Only truly high-quality lumber makes it through the inspection process before even moving on to be cut and formed into the cabinet pieces themselves.


Pro Touch Techniques – Fabuwood aims to create great first impressions and lasting, quality finishes for any of their products, visible in the Q12 qualified cabinets. Durable, easy to clean, and gorgeously on par with current trends, these cabinets will fit nicely into any home.

Dovetail Construction – Kitchen cabinet drawers are opened and closed on average 7-10 times per day, or up to 3500 times each year! That means they have to be able to withstand a lot of use, which is why Fabuwood’s cabinets are built with dovetail joints. Dovetail joints are the perfect solution for a kitchen cabinet drawer box since they are among the strongest connections utilized in kitchen cabinetry construction.


Anti-Warping Structures- Warped cabinets are extraordinarily unhelpful and one of the leading reasons for needing to replace the cabinets over time. Fabuwood’s Q12 cabinets are built with warp-resistant materials and rigid reinforcement to ensure a robust and reliable build every time.

Metal Shelf Clips- Your cabinetry would not be very helpful if it could not hold anything or buckled once too much weight was put within. Metal shelf clips are another feature of Fabuwood’s Q12 cabinet construction, ensuring the sturdiness and durability of your new cabinets.

Solid Back Builds- One of the best ways to ensure genuine quality and solid cabinetry is to ensure that the back of each cabinet is built from a singular piece of half-inch plywood. No scrap materials or joined half-pieces are allowed as this would create a structural weakness, which is not permitted under the Q12 qualifications.

Flush Fit Frames – For Fabuwood to consider their cabinetry Q12 compliant, the cabinets must have flush inner frames that “provide an attractive appearance while adding dimension to the internal area.” That means no odd joints or edges sticking out, causing injury to those passing by or creating an eye sore.

Finished Interiors- Fabuwood always keeps its eye on attention to detail in its cabinetry. Part of that is ensuring that all interiors are fully finished out, from the appropriate hardware to top treatments resistant to bubbling, chipping, and peeling.

Soft Close Action- Who loves drawers that slam closed? No one we know. That is why Fabuwood considers soft closing cabinets a high priority and has made it one of the twelve recommendations for its Q12 cabinetry.

Fluid Full-Extension- Smooth out, smooth in, with no drag and always full extension. Fabuwood’s cabinets provide capability to their furthest pull-out point with buckling or straining along their tracks. When combined with runners and soft-close technology, the fluid full-extension qualification ensures ease of use and a lifetime of open-and-shut.

EZ Level Drawer Fronts- There’s something about an unlevel door that just drives us bananas. Luckily Fabuwood has already considered this, ensuring that EZ leveling drawers are one of its requirements for the Q12 designation.

Sealed Signature- And last, but not least, the final Q12 metric necessitates a comprehensive inspection at each manufacturing stage to guarantee that the finished product complies with the quality assurance system’s requirements. A stamp of approval is issued at factory leave to demonstrate Fabuwood’s commitment to quality control from the first level to the final Q level, ensuring a superior and faultless end product.

With all twelve criteria met, we can safely say that the Fabuwood Q12 cabinets are some of the best and best-made cabinetry we have seen in a while. It will be perfect for your kitchen space or anywhere else you need custom-looking, well-made cabinetry pieces. Start the conversation today.