The Advantages of Soft-Close Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

While searching for their ideal kitchen cabinets, homeowners often don’t give much thought to the sound that their cabinet doors make when they close. However, this should be a significant consideration when trying to create a stress-free and functional kitchen environment. Just think of how many times you’ve woken up to the sound of cabinet doors slamming. Soft-close kitchen cabinet hinges are an easy solution to unnecessary kitchen noise, and are the cost-effective and durable choice in the long run. Let’s take a look at what other solutions these hinge upgrades can provide.

Long-Term Use: Soft-closing hinges can actually increase the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets. Over time, conventional cabinets are more likely to suffer damage in the form of fractures, breaks, and dents due to harsh slamming. Soft-closing hinges eliminate this issue by ensuring that doors and drawers close gently. This also allows for less friction to occur, meaning less wear and tear over time, and more years of use.


No More Internal Damage: When a cabinet door slams shut, the contents inside can be disrupted, causing damage to the cabinet walls and to the objects themselves. If a utensil drawer is banged around, silverware could scratch the side walls, or a glass cabinet door closing forcefully could cause glass to fall and break. Soft-close hinges keep things from shifting or shattering, and protect your kitchen items and the quality of your cabinetry.

Increased Safety: Soft-closing hinges are popular among families with small children, as they protect against injuries from slammed cabinets. Doors which close quickly and with no safeguard can result in fingers getting caught or jammed, a safety hazard for anyone more prone to accidents.

A Better Kitchen Environment: One of the biggest benefits of soft-closing drawers and cabinets is the lack of noise. With these pragmatic hinges, you will never again have to worry about accidentally waking up your family with the sound of a slammed door, or being woken up by a family member getting something to eat late at night.


More Bang For Your Buck: Adding soft-closing hinges increases the value of your property. For potential buyers, the kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in the home, so installing modern and functional kitchen hardware can help your house stand out in the market. These hinges also ensure fewer costly renovation projects due to less wear and tear.

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