The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization


The kitchen is the heart of any home – so why leave it a cluttered mess? A well-organized, neat kitchen saves energy, space, and time. Just think of the convenience of opening a drawer or cabinet in which everything has a designated place. Luckily, organizing your kitchen can be simple and easy, if you follow Cabinetmaker’s Choice Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization.


Start by taking everything out where you can see it. Take out objects from cabinets and drawers to get a visual idea of what you’re working with. This also gives you a chance to get rid of unnecessary items you may have forgotten about, and in turn create more potential space.

Organize your drawers. This is a great way to start small. Use dividers to separate cutlery, kitchen tools, and other utensils. It can also help to create a designated junk drawer for objects with less specific purposes.

Move on to larger cabinets. These will be the staple of your organization system. Utilize all the space you can by employing pull-out inserts, over-the-drawer cabinet hangers, pull-down shelves, and spice racks. No matter how much room you’re working with, there are always ways to maximize function.

Make a space for your cleaning supplies. A clean and organized kitchen requires upkeep, both visually and hygienically. Try storing cleaning supplies under the sink for easy access.


Reorganize your pantry. The pantry is often the most used space in the kitchen, and it can become disorganized quickly. Arranging goods by level of use and expiration will ensure that the items you want are within reach.

Take a look at your countertops. Countertops don’t have to be cluttered. Use your judgment to decide what is frequently in use, and what can be stored away. This will allow your kitchen space to look less busy.

Need a few more quick tips?

  • Stack objects in drawers if they can fit together.
  • Keep similar items together, and store plug-in appliances near outlets.
  • Lazy Susans and round organizers are perfect for maximizing the potential of smaller spaces.
  • Consider upgrading your cabinets. Deeper cabinets are optimal for storage space, as are cabinets installed under kitchen islands.
  • One of the best ways to make your organization easier is having cabinets which suit you and your style. Visit Cabinetmaker’s Choice for a kitchen cabinet makeover which will give you the motivation to meet all your organizational goals.