5 Innovative Ways to Create a Luxury Kitchen

It’s hard to resist the urge for a luxury kitchen, but an entire renovation isn’t always necessary to achieve a greater level of indulgence. Here are some additions to your kitchen which will ensure that you and your family will feel like royalty.


A Butler’s Pantry: A butler’s pantry or serving pantry is a walk-in space between the dining room and kitchen, used for food prep and storage. This is the perfect staging area for elegant parties, and ensures a neat place for all of your wines, spices, and pastas. The name alone signifies luxury, and this pantry style is quickly becoming popular in high-end interior design. Many homeowners with serving pantries use them to stow away their more prominent kitchen appliances, like blenders, coffee makers, and mixers.


Custom Light Fixtures: One of the most prominent features in a kitchen is the lighting. Unique, hand-picked light fixtures will showcase your personal style to your guests, and make your kitchen a one-of-a-kind space. More extravagant fixture styles include pendants, sconces, accent fixtures, and the classic chandelier. Consider light fixtures made of alabaster or glass, or fixtures with a pop of color to really catch the eye.

A Double Kitchen Island: Double kitchen islands are perfect for hosting large parties and entertaining your dinner guests. This design allows for more seating, more countertop space, and a larger food prep area. Of course, if you want to join the trend of double islands, it’s important that you have enough space for both counters in your kitchen, to maintain a smooth flow.


A Breakfast Nook: Who wouldn’t like their morning coffee in a designated breakfast nook which reflects their personal style? These luxurious additions take indulgence to another level, and will guarantee that every morning is a beautiful one. Consider leather or velvet upholstery, and make sure to incorporate windows for natural morning sunlight.

Wall-to-Wall Windows: Let the light in! Big, open windows have always been a symbol of luxury. If you enjoy minimalist looks, keep it simple and sleek with wall-to-wall kitchen windows. This way, when you entertain, you and your guests can enjoy spectacular natural views.

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