Essential Insider Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office


In this day and age, it’s normal to complete at least a portion of your work from home. While away from the office, spend your billable hours in a space which encourages productivity. Here are our five insider tips for creating an ideal home workspace.

Embrace light. When it comes to your home workspace, light is key for producing quality work. Situate your desk near a window to enjoy natural light and brighten up your office environment. Consider incorporating desk or floor lamps into your workspace as well, for task lighting. 

Keep Distractions Hidden. Tuck the more disruptive objects away in your cabinets. This means clocks, printers, and other devices which make noise. You may also want to put away your less decorative objects, like headphones and chargers. This will make it easier to focus and create a more harmonious environment.


Eliminate clutter. A disorganized room can cause higher stress levels, and it’s important to work in a calm environment. Designate shelving and other surfaces for necessary items like files and books, and keep the room neat. Consider displaying bric-a-brac in the living room or bedrooms instead.

Customize to your tastes. Keeping organized doesn’t mean cutting out everything sentimental. Try personalizing your home office with your favorite color or blanket to avoid feeling too drained by work. Spring for a wireless keyboard which is enjoyable to type on, or a bike pedal exerciser for underneath your desk.

Don’t forget the basics. It’s important to have all the necessities available while you work, in order to avoid unnecessary trips around the house. Keep the essentials in your office to keep you on task. This could mean a pen and paper, a garbage bin, eyeglasses, an extension cord, or headphones. Larger items might include a printer or a coffee maker.

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