Selling a Home from the Kitchen

Whether you’re building in New York City’s cramped real estate market or in the expansive Midwest, buyers love getting the best bang for their buck and seeing that you’ve put thought into a space, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

You know what that means: be smart about your design choices and plan efficiently! Know your buyers, what they want and don’t waste any space you don’t have to. This means making sure you know how to optimize your kitchen cabinet choices. We know that this requires a bit of time, especially if you’ve got multiple unit-types with unique layouts, but it will no doubt help your buyers make the right choice so everyone gets to reap the benefits.

Tip! For projects where you want to make the kitchen the focal point, it’s always a good idea to go custom when shopping for cabinets. Cabinet brands like Conestoga Wood Specialties can help you outfit the space in just the right way and also ship ready to assemble. 

Finding your ideal buyer

First of all, try to imagine your target buyer or tenant. This will help each of the kitchen cabinet parts fit right into place (and make the decisions for those all the easier). Many times, we assume that a kitchen is a kitchen (what more could you need?), but the truth is, each buyer looks for something different in spaces they want to call theirs, especially when it comes to storage (that means cabinets and all their parts!). By determining who you want to sell to, you’ll be able to check off most of their boxes (or, at least, more than your competitors) with greater precision and assure yourself a sale.

Let’s look at the basic questions – we don’t want to get too specific – for determining your ideal buyer and designing the perfect kitchen space for them, starting with the cabinets:

  • Do they have a large family that needs to be fed? Or are they single adults who prefer to cook basic meals on occasion?
    • Mix and match Conestoga base cabinets to fulfill but not overwhelm a bachelor’s needs
  • Do they like to entertain at home? Having extra space in the kitchen will be imperative if the rest of the unit is lacking square footage. Or do they prefer to go out?
    • Islands are great for preparing or entertaining and a great opportunity to take advantage of the space and throw in some more custom storage options
  • Will they keep a large amount of bulk-bought food in their cabinets? Or will their kitchen cabinets only store small made-to-order meal kits?
    • Tall cabinets are great for larger families that need a place to put their Costco hauls!

Tip! A lot of these questions can be answered by just a quick look at the neighborhood you’re selling in. Take a walk around and take note of those you see in the streets or check out the available neighborhood amenities. If there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the area, it’s likely that this is more of a single crowd that doesn’t need as much entertainment and kitchen storage space. If schools, daycares and children stores abound, then you’re likely looking at a family neighborhood and will need their kitchen cabinets to account for larger meal-prep areas. 

You’ll also want to analyze the overall unit you’re designing to sell. It’s always a good idea to keep in mind what the rest of the apartment or house will be like. If there’s a dedicated dining room, you won’t need to plan for a dining nook or a breakfast bar. If your space is small and cramped, it’s likely you’re going to want to look at designing custom wall cabinets like Conestoga’s and request that they hug the ceiling.

Eye Catching Design

Last but not least, we all know there are tons of options for kitchen cabinets, so keep up with the latest trends!  Whether buyers know it or not, there are things they want to see in a kitchen and things they don’t. Once you’ve zeroed in on your target buyer, check out the other posts in the Cabinetmaker’s Blog to learn how to pick eye-catching cabinet finishes and about small details, like cabinet hardware. Then, release your inner designer and comb through the available custom cabinet design options in the Conestoga catalogs.

Also, try thinking about your competitors. Your competitors not only give you an idea on how to price your units, but also how to style them. You’ll want to know how you measure up to them so you can take your project a step further to offer your clients something unique that’s worth their money (Zillow is your friend)!

Tip! Do you have something specific you want to emulate? Take those pictures in person, or grab them from any online listing site and send them over to our sales rep! There’s nothing we can’t handle.

Designing the perfect space for a competitive real estate market may seem like a daunting task, but once you can identify the type of person (or persons) who are most likely to end up in the space, you can design a fantastic custom space to match! Your successful job is well within reach.