Five Ways to Add Warmth to Your Kitchen During the Winter


As winter begins, it’s natural to want to liven up your house and enjoy a more homey environment. From small lighting adjustments to substantial material renovations, there are many exciting ways to experiment with creating a more comfortable home.

Incorporate open shelving. Open shelving works to create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. It will also allow you to personalize your kitchen design with more sentimental and decorative pieces. To elevate the warmth of this look, opt for wood shelving with a sunny finish, like those in our Conestoga Collection.


Experiment with brick. Brick adds vibrancy and dimension to your home, and has been used in kitchens since classical times. If you don’t already have brick in your kitchen, you can add this timeless look with a real brick backsplash or faux brick porcelain tiles. These elements will make your kitchen space feel cozier and more welcoming.

Focus on floors. Don’t underestimate the effect that your kitchen floors have on the rest of the room. Hardwood floors, like maple or oak, will add significant warmth and value to your home. If you have older wood floors, look into having them finished for a brighter, fresher appearance. If wood floors aren’t for you, consider heated tiles or decorative rugs.


Add ambient light. A more simple undertaking that will still add a great deal of snugness to your home is opting for cozier kitchen lights. Depending on your personal style, this could mean more lamps, putting yellow light bulbs in your main light fixtures, or adding lights underneath your counters and inside cabinets. Changing out your harsh overhead lights and adding more soft lighting will do wonders for the serenity of your home.

Embrace Character. Filling your kitchen with items personal to you and your family will add personality and help create that homey feel. Try displaying a special collection of glassware, incorporating unique art, or adding decorative throw pillows or an interesting rug.

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